How to get a girlfriend back is something that all men must think about at some point in their lives. Their is a reason for this. Many guys are bought up by women nowadays. How often do you hear the term "a single mother raising children on her own"? It has become the norm in our society. We need men to teach us from our youthful days how to date women and how to keep a girlfriend. Unfortunately many of us have to learn for ourselves and find our natural manliness again. Would you like to know some of the tips that I would give to learn how to get a girlfriend back?

Stop being like a girl - The first of my tips on how to get a girlfriend back is a simple but important one. Women and your ex girlfriend will always never be attracted to a man who is a wuss. Stop acting like you do not have control over things. Stop asking her for permission to do something in your life. Have you ever noticed that women tend to go out with men who do not really care whether they go out with them or not. They seem to put in the least effort yet they get the best results? It's because women see them as the prize and as independent. These are two very attractive qualities to your ex girlfriend.

Look at what she does, not what she says - My second tip on how to get a girlfriend back is just as important as the first and most guys have noticed it in dating social circles. If you ask women what they want out of dating then they will almost always say "honesty, a sense of humor, spends time with me". What this is fellas is a test. They know that by saying this they are weeding out the type of guys who are gullible enough to believe it. To be honest it is a good social technique and makes them not look like a nymphomaniac in front of their friends and potential people who might be their next girlfriend. Most guys will intuitively understand that they have to say this even though it is not true. Just ignore it.

Humans like to think that they operate out of their rational mind. They like to think about putting money into a bank account each month to save for a holiday but give into the emotional impulses regularly and buy things like chocolate. We are creatures that run on emotions over logic nearly all the time. This is why women will react to a man who can make them feel emotions even if they are bad.

At least they are feeling some emotions. So how can this help you learn how to get a girlfriend back? When you meet her, do whatever you can to make her feel emotions. Do not make her feel terrible all the time but give her a wide range on the emotional spectrum. Make your ex girlfriend feel anger, happiness, suspense ecstatic joy etc. She will love you for this. Show her why you are good boyfriend material and why she should be your girlfriend by bringing up emotions rather than just telling her or asking her out. James Bond doesn't ask women out! He does it indirectly.

Move your way back in slowly - The last of my tips to get a girlfriend back is that you should move back in slowly. Most breakups with an ex girlfriend are painful to say the least. You should move back in slowly. Just try inviting her out to dinner after letting it settle for a while. Do not make it sound like a date or dating though. Just talk to her and have fun. She will respect you for not trying to ask her out to be your girlfriend again and will also wonder why you are not trying. Have you moved on and found another woman? Move slowly and she will never see it coming and you will be dating again.