Helping You Sleep Without the Pharmacy Pill

Remedies outside of the pill - Tea Options

Is the pharmacy the answer to all of your sleep deprivation issues?  Have you ever wanted to try something different? Without sleep how can we function throughout our daily lives whether it be for that job you are waking up for or that college course you are trying to focus on.  It is recommended that we receive 8 to 9 hours of sleep nightly for us to truly function to our fullest bodily potential.  How many of us really meet this necessity?  Sleep is the key to establishing a productive start and end to our daily goals.  I sought to gather a list of teas that act as sleep aids as part of my quest to find natural cures for life's 'medicated' needs.

Explore each tea and find what fits your taste buds best...  Adding cinnamon and/or honey to any of these is a great option if you are a tea drinker beginner.  Good luck on living life as naturally you as possible!


1.  Chamomile tea is probably the most popular and well-known 'sleep aid' tea.  But the key is to make sure the tea purchased is all natural and made from chamomile flowers and not blended with caffeinated teas such as black tea. This tea helps in calming and relaxing the body and mind for a full nights sleep.

2. Kava-Kava Tea provides a calming relaxing effect and helps with anxiety and stress to direct a good nights sleep.  If you try this one make sure to buy the Kava root powder because it has more kavalactones which is the active antioxidant ingredient and is the basis for why this tea is an amazing relaxation sleep aid.

3. Lavender Tea relaxes the body and aids in calming anxiety which directly helps in getting an amazing nights sleep.  It also may help reduce insomnia and helps to reduce stress.  It may also be used to treat stomach and bowel infections.

4. Valerian Root brewed derives from Europe and aids in relieving upset stomach caused from anxiety and stress and contributes to a complete night of uninterrupted sleep.  It is considered a sedative for nervous tension, stress, and excitability.

5. Passion-flower Tea is an over 200-year-old native american tea that helps in sedating and relaxing the body and mind.  It also is known to relieve pain if used regularly helps to lower blood pressure.


These are my top five tea options I have used myself that have completely banned the idea of the pharmacy pill from my sleep aid needs.  If you are unable to buy the herbs and create the teas organically these teas come in sleepytime brand and Yogi is also another popular brand of tea blends purchased.  Just remember to think natural before chemical as everything that enters your body has a cause and effect.  Try these few suggestions and I am sure you won't want to go back to that pharmacy pill.