How To Get A Job

During these times of rising unemployment & some media sources suggesting there is about 300 applicants for every 1 job, people searching for a job need all the help they can get.

I am going to aim this how-to guide at people who are looking for any job available rather than those who are targeting a specific job.

Again, as with my other posts, this post is targeted at the UK market, however you could use these tips anywhere in the world.

I am going to list below some tips that will help you on your way.

Although this how-to won't actually get you a job, it can increase your chances of finding one.

  • Get an up to date CV created. The importance of a CV cannot be under-estimated. It gives potential employers a snapshot of you, both what you can do & what experience you have.
  • Assess your skills, experience & what type of job you actually want. Some people might not be 'lower' themselves to work in 'dead-end' jobs, whilst other people might just be grateful to be earning something to feed & clothe the family.
  • Spread the word. Tell everybody you know that you are looking for a job. You just never know what might be thrown your way. It's one of those situations where you have nothing to lose by it & everything to gain.
  • Dress smart & take a walk around your local town centre armed with a load of up-to-date CV's. Stop at every business you pass & ask if they are looking for staff. Even if they are not, ask to leave a CV anyway as people unexpectedly leave for various reasons all of the time (death, sacked, become a family carer etc.)
  • If any business asks you to fill in an application, DO NOT submit a CV in its place. This shows a basic failure to follow simple instructions & usually ends up in the bin. Also ask if you can drop the application in the next day or if they want it there & then.
  • read the application forms CAREFULLY, if it says use black ink, use black ink. If it says use BLOCK CAPITALS, use block capitals. Where I work, over 40% of applications are shredded without being read due to people using blue ink when they were asked to use black. Again, it comes down to not being able to follow even the most basic & simple instructions.
  • Don't get upset by the people who say no, with the amount of applicants per job available you will get many 'No thanks' but you only need one 'yes'. Remember that.
  • If you truly are desperate for a job, try places like McDonalds & the major supermarkets. Whilst these are generally lower paid, provided you are over 18, you will be entitled to earn at least the National Minimum Wage.
  • If you get invited to an interview, dress smart & aim to get there around 10 minutes early. This shows that you are both keen & know how to keep good time-keeping. As a bonus, it gives you some extra time if you get stuck in traffic on the way.
  • During your interview, be polite, never interrupt the person conducting the interview & have a list of questions ready to ask. The interviewer might not be able to answer all your questions but it will show you are keen & would be an asset to the company.
  • Some people say never ask about money in an interview but going to work is all about getting money so its only reasonable to expect to know how much you are going to get paid. Just make sure it's not your 1st question.
  • If you get a job offer, ask if you can have a couple of days to consider the job offer or if they need an answer straight away. This gives you some breathing space incase more than one person gets back to you about a job, then you can pick the best (or the best paid).
  • Never, ever, ever turn down a job interview until you start your 1st day of your new job. You may think you have got a job in the bag from a great interview performance however, you never know what great performance another candidate may have put in. You simply cannot afford to turn down a potential employment offer.

That's the end of my helpful hints to try & ensure you get a job

I hope this post can help somebody get out of the terrible position of being involuntarily unemployed.