Now that so very many books are available in digital form, you'd love to get an ebook reader. However, the Kindle and other similar devices are so very expensive: most of them cost well over $300, often double that. Well, there is a little known ebook reader that is less than $200 and it has many more features than the Kindle.

Things You Will Need

$200 to purchase an iPodTouch instead of a Kindle

Step 1

It's odd that Apple Inc. doesn't spend a lot of money publicizing this, but the iPod Touch allows you to download digital books books to read on the iPod Touch– yes, the iPod Touch has e book reader capabilities! Plus it has iTunes so you can download and listen to music. You can upload all of your photos. You can upload Quick time movies, videos from You Tube and other sources. You can even download TV shows and feature films. Additionally, there are over 200,000 individual Apps that you can download from the iTunes App store. And all this capability is yours for less than $200.

Step 2

You can purchase an iPod Touch at a local Apple Store, the Apple Store web site, or at several other web sites. Some web sites often have sales at which you can save ten or twenty dollars on the iPod Touch. Once you have an iPod Touch, turn on your computer and go to the iTunes Store. Search for the Kindle App – yes, the same application that is used by the Kindle! Plus, it's free! Simply click on the Kindle App and download it to iTunes. Then connect your iPod Touch to your computer to synchronize the iPod Touch. This will load all of your music, photos, videos, movies and Apps into your iPod Touch.

Step 3

Screen Shot (19821) In order to download a digital book, go to and find the e book you want, and download it directly to your iPod Touch. Many of the books are free, but newer books have a price tag. You will pay the exact amount for an ebook that Kindle owners pay.

The e books are easy to read on the iPod Touch. You can adjust the type size if necessary, and the backlight allows you to read the book in the dark so you won't bother your bed mate. And, as with all e book readers, the iPod Touch remembers the last page you read, so the next time you go to the Kindle App, your last page will come up.
Screen Shot (19821)
All of the above applies to the iPhone as well, so if you have an iPhone, you may also use it as an e Book reader.

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