Getting a job in this economy can be seem almost impossible to some. On-line job applications and e-mailing resumes has made it harder than ever to stand out and let your personality shine amongst the dozens of other faceless applicants. Now more than ever the thing that will give you the edge with the employer is the human touch. If you can meet with the hiring manager or someone who will make the decisions this will give you the opportunity to dazzle them with your charm and get a head up on the competition.

Getting an Interview

The first key is to dress for success when you are dropping off your resume. You want to look the absolute best that you can, if you don't have proper dress attire then see if you can borrow them from friends or family. First impressions are vitally important in any business relationship. It is incredible the assumptions and judgements that are made in peoples' minds within the first minute of meeting with you, many times before you even open your mouth! So make sure your shoes are shined and your hair is perfect. ZZ Top said it best when they sang "Everybody's Crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man!(or woman)" Amen ZZ... Amen.

The second key is to smile. Not just any smile, but the biggest, best and most genuine smile you've got. Some successful business people have reported that just before they enter a meeting or important function they take a moment to think of things that they are thankful for and make them very happy. When you do this you create a real genuine "you" smile, that is uniquely yours. It makes your face light up and makes people feel attracted to you.

The third key is to take a genuine interest in the person who will be interviewing or hiring you. If the interview takes place in their office then look for pictures of their family or try to find clues as to what their hobbies or interests are. Really listen to them when they speak and you might just catch on to something that really interests them. Casually ask them questions about their hobbies or family. It is a rule in human behaviour that people are interested in people who are interested in them, and you want employers interested in you right? The key word is a genuine interest, it doesn't work if you are just going through the motions. People generally have a pretty keen sense of when someone is being genuine and when they are not. Everyone in the world is fascinating and can teach you something if you have the right attitude to look for it.

If you do these things than you might just find that you are not only getting interviewed but you are making a friend, and bosses are much more likely to hire friends.