What are backlinks? How to get backlinks?

Google has explained the importance of getting more inbound links to your website. The quantity and quality of incoming links determine the importance of your website from the perspective of the search engines.

A backlink is an incoming link that is clickable. That means when the readers visit the other website click the link, they will enter your website.

That is why it is so important to get more backlinks. You can use backlinks to get your website to the first page of the search engine result page. You can also use backlinks to draw readers to your website.

How to get backlinks?

It is impossible to expect others to link to your website voluntarily.

You need to work hard to place the links on the websites of other webmasters.

There are a few methods of getting backlinks.


You can use the blog commenting method to get backlinks. It is best to find blogs that give out do follow link.

You can add a meaningful comment. Use the name and url method to link to your website. You should not embedded the link within the comment. When you use the name and url method, your name will be hyperlinked to your website.

Some blogs even allowed you to link directly to a particular page or post in your website.

2. Article submission

This is a popular method to get quality backlinks. You can write articles for free submission to the top article directories.

Many webmasters subscribe to an article spinner and submission service.

In this case, they can spin the article manually and submit to a few hundred websites. Even though not all the websites are indexed by the search engines, it is still quite substantial to have a hundred backlinks by using submission software.

3. Forum signature

Forum signature is another popular method to get backlinks.

However, the value of backlinks from forum signature is deemed as lower than that of article submission.

The fact is that you can make a hundred posts to get a hundred backlinks. The best part about forum signature is in traffic generation.

Many readers who follow a discussion thread will click on the links in your forum signature.

4. Blog roll

Blog roll is one of the best ways to get backlinks.

You have to ask the bloggers to put your website in the blog roll. However, many bloggers are reluctant to do that. They do it only when they trust you.

They know that the more blogs in their blog roll, the more outgoing links they are sending from their blogs.

5. Social bookmarking websites

Many social bookmarking websites exist for the purpose of helping you get backlinks.

You can use Redgage, shetoldme, Snipsly and Jevitt if you want paid social bookmarking websites. Shetoldme, Snipsly and Jevitt allow you to use your Google Adsense account. Redgage pays by page views.

The problem with social bookmarking websites is that the bookmarks do not always attract the attention of the search engines.

If the search engines do not index the bookmarks, these bookmarks are not considered as a backlink.

What is the best method to get backlinks?

Article submission is still the best method. You need not use the article directories if you hate the idea of giving away an article for free.

You can use websites that pay you to write. Such websites include many Adsense revenue sharing sites. These are Snipsly, Jevitt, Hubpages, Triond, Infobarrel and others. You can add a small paragraph at the end of the article as your writer resource. You can add a text link to direct the readers to click on the links to enter your website.

If you hate article writing, you can hire ghostwriters to write content for you.

Many ghostwriters demand the rate of just 1 cent per word. A few clicks on the Google Adsense are enough to pay for the cost of hiring the ghostwriters.

If you are good at affiliate marketing, you will find that article marketing serves to get backlinks and readers. That is why many webmasters do not mind commissioning the ghostwriter to write a few hundred articles for submission. They can make a few times the profit.

If you are new to article writing, blogging, and affiliate marketing, you really have to put in an effort to learn the various ways of getting backlinks.

Your article and website cannot survive without readers. Readers will come only when you know how to get backlinks.