Everyone knows that college students pay more on their car insurance.That is because these insurance companies think they are young and they are not good drivers.So their risk profile is higher.Actually everyone want to save money on car insurance.In this article I'm going to explain you how to save money and to get cheap car insurance for college students.Actually some of these tips may be helpful not only for young college students under 25, but also for many other people.So no matter are you young college student or not, please read this article carefully.You will learn many important tips on how to get cheap insurance.

So first I'm going to explain you what is your risk profile and how it affect your rate.Your risk profile is how risky you looks like to your insurance company?Will you have problems or no?If your risk profile high, your company will charge you more.

- Your age.As I mentioned before people under 25 pay much more on their car insurance.That is because their insurance companies think they are not good drivers.So they increase their rates.Once you become 25, your rate will be decreased dramatically.That is something we can not manipulate.

- Your driving records affect your risk profile and so you can get cheaper car insurance, even if you are younger.If you have a good driving records, that means you are a good driver, so your risk profile will not be too high.Your insurance company will trust you more, and you will pay less for your insurance premiums.

- Do you have any theft protection devices, that protect your car against theft.I'd suggest you to buy some.That will definitely help you to lower your car insurance rate.

- Have you ever been insured and have you ever been cancelled your insurance plan.That is something important.Many people that have cancelled their insurance plan, had been made a big mistake.That is because insurance companies think you are not a serious buyer.They will increase your rate for that.Even if you have cancelled your insurance for a week some companies may not accept you.

- Keep good credit report.Credit report means you are a good buyer and you looks like a serious person to your insurance companies.A high credit report will decrease your risk profile.Actually you can increase your credit report if it is too low.There are many ways to do that, but that is another story.I will write for that next time.

- I can suggest you also to ask for group discount.If you need more insurances you can ask your company.Most of these companies offer more insurances or have partners.So they will offer you discount if you buy more from them or from their partners.

If you want to learn more tips you can go and read my next article.It is about: How to get cheap car insurance for college students.In this article you will learn more things, that affect your rate, not only these of them that affect your risk profile.

Last tip I can give you compare rates.Always compare rates from different providers in your area and you will save money.There are many free insurance comparison sites.Just enter your details and you will get free quotes from many insurance companies.So you will be able to save money.