People continue to pay for TV, even though you can get it free online. TV doesn't typically cost a lot, but it can add up. You can also find new movies online for free, but you have to know which sites to go to and what steps to take.

Things You Will Need

Internet Connection.

Step 1

Learn how to switch your PC and TV. You can hook a newer TV up to your computer and watch streaming TV live. It's hard to explain, but basically you hook the PC output to the HDMI output on your TV.

Step 2

Buy a high quality satellite. Search online for a high-powered dish that picks up all channels. You will have to pay a pretty penny for the dish, but it will pay for itself long-term. Especially when you get to see all the new releases before they are viewable on regular TV.

Step 3

Watch TV shows at free sites. Sites like Hulu and others post all your favorite TV shows and movies online. These are all free to stream and do not require any initial or long-term payments.

Step 4

Get a digital converter box. Digital converter boxes can pick up all your local and some network channels. You have to pay for the digital converter box, but no fees are neccessary after you buy the box.

Step 5

Go to the major network TV sites. Even if you don't have a converter box, you can still pick up free TV at all the major network sites. Networks like, ABC, CBS, or NBC all have they're content streaming online.

Step 6

Youtube. Youtube has several TV shows and movies. The only movies that aren't on They are in violation of copy right laws. The best part about YouTube is it's convenience and quality. It's also free, which is always good.

Step 7

Watch your sports channels online. Sites like ESPN have all the major sporting events streaming. This way you never miss a sports program. You can get full access for a monthly fee, but these sites still view a lot of the major sporting events free.

Step 8

Get a satellite channel searcher program online. These programs are usually free, but sometimes require an upfront fee or offer a pay by the year plan. Either way, it's cheaper than monthly fees for cable or satellite TV. These programs can find thousands of channels and you can even view them on your regular TV.


Tips & Warnings