If you are wondering how to get your girlfriend back then I might be able to give you a helping hand. You see, I have had at least 2 times in my life where I had to get my girlfriend back and I have learned a lot because these girls were great girlfriends and the second one I am still dating after 18 months. So what are my tips on how to get girlfriend back?

Keep on living your life - My first tip to get your girlfriend back is that you should continue to live your life. Do not get too emotionally attached or involved with thoughts about what could have been. If you seem to still have fun with out her she will see that you are a real man who can handle his emotions and if you are having fun she will want to be with you and your girlfriend again. Who wants a partner who is bored or depressed? Odds are that they will not change if you start a relationship with them. Old habits die hard.

Become the prize - My second tip on how to get your girlfriend back is this. If you want to get her back there has to be a radical change in your thoughts on the relationship. You have to start believing that you are the prize that your girlfriend wants to get back. You have to start not answering every one of her calls and ringing your ex girlfriend 5 times per day. If you do this, I promise that she will start to want you. She will think that you are moving on from her and it will leave a gap in her life where she needs a boyfriend to date.

Actually think that you are the prize and that she must rise to meet your standards if she wants to date you and it will become true. If you just act like you believe it then it will just come across as fake confidence which is really unattractive as it shows insecurity.

Get your girlfriend back slowly - You want to get your ex girlfriend back slowly. You cannot go from a break up (which is usually aggressive and really emotional) to moving back in the next day. Nearly every time I see this happen and the guy gets back with his ex is when it's been at least a week. You want to just see her occasionally and be fun an playful like you never broke up and stopped dating her. Here is where you will make her want you. you act normal like you don't fancy her anymore but are good friends. She will respect you for not trying it on straight away and will wonder if you do not like her anymore. She is now trying to qualify herself to you and this is exactly what you want.

The 4th and final of my tips on how to get girlfriend back is simple but powerful if used. You must keep on talking to mutual friends. Do not like to them about why the breakup happened and they will respect you a lot more than if you cover the truth. You can ask them how your ex girlfriend that you want back is doing and they might even tell you that she misses you. If you do not keep in contact with them then you are missing out on this huge opportunity.