Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s biggest companies with over 125,000 employees around the globe, and at any given time they might have between 2000 and 3000 job openings posted on their website.  Like any other major defense contractor, Lockheed Martin is under intense pressure to add the most talented people to their teams in order to meet the military’s needs.  Hiring is constant, and new opportunities open up every day.  So why do people always tell me that Lockheed Martin is one of the hardest companies to get hired with?

To put it simply, getting hired with Lockheed Martin is a numbers game.  Because it’s such a big company with several thousand projects operating in a handful of business units, the company’s recruiters rely heavily on an online application tool called Kenexa Brassring.  With this piece of software, recruiters search through a database of submitted resumes and application packages in order to find the best qualified candidates for new positions.  With that in mind, many of the best qualified applicants are never contacted simply because they failed to present their experience in a keyword-friendly fashion.

Finding a job with Lockheed Martin is also a matter of timing.  Generally, the bulk of new hires are made shortly after a new contract is awarded.  The company will bring on waves of new employees as soon as possible, which is the best chance for a job seeker to get his foot in the door.  After that hiring blitz subsides, new hires are only processed as needed to compensate for natural attrition.  Doing some research on the Fed Biz Ops website, or even just subscribing to Lockheed Martin’s newsfeed, is a good way to get a heads-up on new opportunities as they arise.

Once a new hire comes on board with Lockheed Martin, there’s literally a world of opportunity available.  Active employees have access to an internal application system, so they’ll get first chance at applying for any new jobs that come up.  The company has a presence in over 90 countries, so there’s always a new challenge waiting.  Salary and benefits are more than competitive with the defense industry, including a generous 401k match, educational assistance, employee discounts, paid sick leave and vacation, personal business time and flex schedules, to name just a few.    

I spent two great years working as a hiring manager for Lockheed Martin, and I put together an informational e-book to help job seekers get their foot in the door with this great company.  Drawing from my personal experience with the Lockheed Martin’s hiring process, I compiled nearly 30 pages of helpful advice and strategies, including over 100 embedded hyperlinks to additional reference materials on the Web.   My goal is to teach you how to make sure your resume actually gets reviewed by a human being, and how to ace the interview once you’re contacted.  From tactics for your initial job application to advice on maintaining your security clearance, this book will walk you through everything you need to know about starting your career with Lockheed Martin!

My e-book is available for immediate download at Smashwords.  I hope it helps, and GOOD LUCK with your job search!