Website owners want nothing more than their site to appear in the top spot in google search for several keywords. When you are in the top spot on google you have a greater chance of getting targeted traffic, that is people who are interested in your website content and affiliate products. The more traffic you get the more chance you have of selling your affiliate products, and gaining a large amount of advertising revenue. Making serious money from your website is sure to keep every website owner happy and motivated to continue with their online business. Question is how hard, or should I say how easy is it to achieve this google top spot? If you want to know how to get in the top spot on google keep reading.

In order to get in the top spot on google you will need to use the google adwords keyword tool. This is a must for all keyword enthusiasts, and provides you with information including the average monthly search volume, advertiser competition and cost per advertisement click for keywords related to your niche. The main aim here is to find a keyword which has a high average monthly search volume, is related to your website niche, and has little amount of direct competition. If you pick a keyword which has 1 million searches a month and is used on 300 000 websites you have less chance of getting into that top google spot, compared to a keyword which is used only on 3000 websites. The less direct competitors for a keyword the better. In order to find out your number of direct competitors for a particular keyword go to your google search box, and enter the keyword surrounded by inverted commas. This will tell you how many other websites use this particular keyword.

When you have your keywords selected, and have written related content on your website you need to have as many outside links pointing to your content as possible. The best sites to use for these links are other sites with a high page rank which rank very high in google search. Before writing articles pointing to your content you should ensure that the article site allows do follow links. There are many examples of sites which help you reach the top spot in google, including ezine articles and squidoo. By writing articles or lens on these sites containing your selected keywords and links to your website posts, you are in fact increasing the chance of your website moving up the search engines to that precious number one position.

Keyword selection is an extremely important part in getting your website in the top spot on google. Combining popular keywords with a small amount of competition, and numerous high page rank back links you should be able to see your website in the top spot on google for various of your featured keywords. This is when the money should start to roll in.