Get in Shape!

Kettlebell training can be a very fun exercise routine that can be done just about anywhere.  It can be done in a group or by yourself, inside or outside, and it is pretty inexpensive.  It is also a quick ticket to getting into good shape in quick way.  The keys are to be consistent in your workouts, mix up your training, and to pair it with good eating habits.

Consistency is one of the most important things in any fitness routine.  Working out 3 times a week for one hour is far better than working out once a week for 3 hours.  If you are consistent and you ensure that you get your workout in on the days you plan to regardless of what else is going on, you will form a habit and you will you be in great shape before you know it.  Experts say it takes two to three weeks to form a habit.  Stick with it consistently for a few weeks and it will get easier and easier to head to the gym.

Mixing up your workouts is an important factor in staying interested. Kettlebell workouts can take a huge amount of different shapes and sizes.  They can be short and intense, long and slow, or somewhere in between.  Despite KB training allowing for a lot of variety, you should also work in some other training methods.  Mix in some fun activities that you love to do.  Things like volleyball, squash, basketball, and running on the beach are great cross training activities.  You can also mix in some very low impact movement like going for a long walk.  These help you in your physical and mental recovery from working out and from everyday stress.

Getting into good shape can’t be done by working out alone.  A fitness professional I know once said that you can’t outwork a bad diet.  I believe this to be a true statement.  It is important to maintain a moderately clean diet.  You do not have to start eating nothing but chicken and broccoli, but you should strive to eat real foods.  This means eating things like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat, chicken, fish, and nuts.  Try to eliminate processed foods and high sugar and high starch foods.  You will notice a huge impact from this small change.

If you can incorporate these few things into your health routine, you will notice enormous improvements in your quality of life!