It’s obvious that NJ is one of the states with the highest cost of auto insurance rates. Believe it or not there are ways to lower your insurance rates.

NJ Car Insurance


You should always do a yearly check on car insurance rates by getting quotes from at least 3 companies. I know it’s a pain but don’t assume that you will always have the lowest rate. There are always companies out there willing to give you a better quote.

  When getting quotes from other NJ Insurance companies, make sure you check their BBB status online and any other resources that you can find about complaints. If they give you a low rate and then will not pay out on legitimate claims without a huge hassle or not at all, it will not be worth your savings. Some companies give low rates for 6 months and then double the rate when you renew the policy. Read all the fine print!

 When it comes to teenagers and driving, we all know from experience or from someone who has the experience, how much NJ car insurance can skyrocket as soon as they turn 17. Make sure that as soon as your teenager is of age, that they get their drivers permit and begin practicing. Insurance companies are concerned and use it against your rates if they are later drivers.

Make sure you pay your premium on time. This is important because if you don’t other insurance companies will know and your rate will be higher. Above all else, do not let your policy lapse. These companies share information.

 This is not always a sure thing, but I’ll say it anyway, keep your record as clean as you can. Some things cannot be helped but if you obey traffic laws, at least you have a better chance.

  Pay attention to junk mail flyers for cheaper NJ car insurance. I recently called one of these companies which I had never heard of and got an excellent rate.  They have been in business for many years but do not spend large amounts on advertising.  The consumer pays for large advertisement bills in the long run.

Customer service is extremely important when it comes to Insurance companies. If they can’t be reached or don’t return calls, you don’t want them.

Choose your insurance options carefully. Some things are worth not having to save some money and others are not.



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