How to get more subscribers on your email list

For any business, blog, podcast or any site where you are trying to market a product or get more exposure to the public, it is essential that you have a subscriber list to capture your customers email or other details so that you can keep in contact, build relationships and re-market your products later on.

I want to share a few tips on things that you should do to encourage people to sign up to your list and to keep them on it. I also want to share some thing that I recommend you don't do.

1. Keep your signup form short. Keeping your signup form short decreases the trust level your target customer needs to reach before they will hand over their details. I suggest keeping your form simply to a name and email address is best. If you need other details you can get them through follow up emails or ask for them at a later date when you need them.

2. Offer real value. If you can offer a free no obligation incentive for your customer to hand over their details you encourage an impulse buy reaction which to them is free WIN-WIN. The best thing to offer is something that directly relates to your business or the information content of your blog. It doesn't need to be anything fancy it just needs to be something desirable that you can give out with minimal cost to you, E-Books, free samples, discounts once they buy are just some ideas of what you can give away.

3. Make your sign up for obvious. Too often websites have their email subscribe form hidden away in the back of their website somewhere that the customer may or may not navigate to. Your subscribe form should be on the homepage of your site as well as your main landing pages. Remember if it is only asking for a little information it will be small. Make sure that it is above the fold or in a position where you don't have to scroll down to find it.


Once someone has signed up to your list you want to keep them there as long as possible. Here are a few tips to keep your subscribers happy.

1. Good content. The number 1 thing that will keep your customer from unsubscribing is if they stay interested in you. Make sure that the emails you send out are always relevant to your industry/topic. Don't advertise a product that has nothing to do with the site which your customer signed up to the list on. Another great tip for content is to not always be selling something, most of the subscription emails coming into your inbox are trying to sell or promote a product so when an email comes in that is purely interesting or funny then you are much more likely to read it and then the next time you receive an email from them you will open it up and look at the product advertised.

2. Don't Spam! The worst thing you can do is send emails that are just full of adds. But thats a no brainer. My tip is to make sure that you get the time frame between emails correct. Too far appart and your customer wont remeber you but if you're sending emails out twice a week then they will feel that your taking too much room up in their inbox.

3. Get unsubscribe info. No matter what your content is you will inevitably get some people unsubscribe. Make sure that your subscribe link doesn't simple take them to a page saying 'sorry to see you go' you need to have another form that they have to fill out to unsubscribe. In this you need to capture the reasons they no longer want to have contact from you. This is the most important step as it will allow you to customize your content to retain the majority of your list.