Getting out of a Dark Mood

Have you ever noticed throughout the day, you find yourself in a dark mood? Many of us do and aside from depression, there are several ways to let go of this negative feeling quickly and feeling better than you did before you noticed the little frown.

Now depression is important to gain a grasp on but I am not going to get into that; however, if you feel you might be suffering from depression and if these methods don't help, talk to someone close to you or a counselor. Now for a lot of people just procrastinating can make us feel anxious and hard on us, we beat ourselves over it but won't actually do the task. It's explained in, diverting your focus is important and just a small task can give you that extra positive energy. This results in a boost of serotonin which increases as you do more tasks that give you the feeling of accomplishment.

The serotonin is in your brain, which makes you feel happy and being productive allows us to feel self worth. Thus, feeling good about ourselves will likely rid us of our dark mood and give us energy to get the task that we didn't necessarily want to do, get it over with and do something that makes us feel good.