The key to weight loss is not radical diet regimes.  Cutting carbs and fighting fat.  It's changing our attitude to the way we view food in our lives.

We have reached a point where we are saturated with not only varying types of processed food but also celebrity chiefs, diet cookbooks, and nutritionists trying to discover the next best thing.

Food is a neccessity.  Fact.  We need food to survive.  Eat for energy and for health, not for taste.

Too much emphasis is put on the taste of food that our brains become addicted and make it very difficult to stop eating these foods which is exactly what food manufacturers want.

We know what the basic food elements are and we know what is good for our bodies and yet we try and get around the basic food groups by adding ingrediants that have two effects:

1.  They lead to the storage of bad fat.

2.  They upset your hippocampus leading to an increased hunger response.

For example, take a weight watchers cookie.  Cookies are bad for you.  Period.  No amount of manipulation of the ingrediants, making it low fat or reduced sugar, is going to change the effect it has on your hormones and fat storage.  You will still feel hungry and subsequently eat more.

So just dont eat it.

Stick to the Basics

I eat vegetables, chicken, eggs, salads, almonds, occassionally meat, fish, and that is all.

I don't add sauces.  I don't add dressings.  I don't drink soft drinks or fruit juices.  I have very low body fat and I have more energy than I have ever had in my entire life.

If I'm at a restaurant or staying in a hotel I will order chicken or fish with steamed broccoli even if it isn't listed on the menu.  Talk to the waiter and get him or her to bring you the healthy option. 

The key is not to overthink things.  Just don't eat it.


The money that I used to spend on bags of rice, bread, and pasta I now put into buying bags of almonds.  Keep these healthy nuts in your drawer at work and munch on a handful if you are attacked by hunger pains.

Get the thought of adding to your basic meal plan out of your head.  At first these basic foods will taste bland, but it doesnt take long for your brain to adapt to it.

I now have no intense feelings towards pizza (a past favorite) or chocolate cake.  Nothing.  It's like an ex-girlfriend after an amicable split.

If you want to lose weight and most importantly have boundless amounts of energy then you need to make a tough decision and stick with it.

If you want to enjoy the taste of food and eat processed rubbish then that's fine too, but you can't do both.  It's a sad fact of life.