Comments are the life blood of any Article or Blog. They are proof that we have visitors or people who are interested in what we write. Comments also add value to our content and let us know if we have made any mistake in presenting facts and mostly give us an opportunity to brand ourselves as an expert by providing answers to the questions of those who commented. Comments are a way of communication of the visitors of our content and also let us know if we are appreciated or not. Many time the comments of our visitors also gives us some interesting ideas on what to write next. But how do we get people to comment on our blogs and articles?

Here are 11 ways to get more people to comment on our content.

  1. Promote the Content: Promote your content well. You can use sites like twitter, facebook, myspace, digg etc to get more visibility to your content. The more visibility your content has the more are your chances to get comments.

  2. Invite Comments: If you ask your visitors to content then they are more likely to leave comments on the site.

  3. Respond to comments: Interact with your visitors through comments. When you respond to the questions or opinions of those who have left comments on your content they are likely to come back again.

  4. Make it easy to comment: Some sites require you to log in to comment. This may discourage many visitors. At least it has discouraged me.

  5. Plug-ins: Plug-ins like top commentators plug-in for Wordpress that can bring visitors to comment on your content.

  6. Controversial Topics: If you Blog on controversial topics then you may find comments skyrocketing because you are going against a popular view.

  7. Ask Questions: Asking Questions on your post can make your visitors to respond by way of comments.

  8. Open Ended Posts: You may be an Expert but if you leave some out some details out of the Post then your visitors may share them by way of comments.

  9. Accept when you are wrong: Nobody is perfect. Even if you are an expert you can make mistakes too. Be gracious enough to accept it.

  10. Reward Good comments: If you have got an idea for a Post through a comment then give due credit to the visitor.

  11. Comment on other peoples content: Why should we leave comment on other peoples Articles or Blogs? When you comment on other peoples content they are likely to visit yours and leave comments too.

Have I left out anything? Feel free to add it through comments. So what are you waiting for? Try implementing these 11 ways to get more visitors and comments on your site.