Getting pregnant the easy way.

How to get pregnant. The ancient tried and true methods.

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There is a bunch of advice about how to get pregnant, fast, effectively, with greater success etc etc and with such a sensitive topic they can be quite insensitive.

What if there was a surefire yet simple effective method?

Here is some advice aimed at helping those people who have had huge problems in this area, have reached the end of their tether or IVF budget and simply want to have a baby, to share their love for each other, to have a family or simply because it is time want to start a family.

Here are a few suggestions, some seem a little odd and outrageous but they work, you have to believe and want and pray and if necessary affirm every day what it is that you want.

How many times have you heard of a couple who tried, tried, failed, tried again then gave up and five minutes later they were pregnant? Truth is this is where it all begins with taking out the word ‘try’, if  you think about it there is no such word as ‘try’ you either ‘do’ or don’t. ‘Try’ breathing for example!! Trying not breathing for that matter, it is impossible.


  1. Don’t try. Put away the rulebook, the guidebook, the ovulatory calendar and don’t try to get pregnant. Just get together with you husband or partner and have a warm loving relationship. The moment you find yourself thinking that this ‘moment’ could produce a baby, you need to change the way or whatever it is you are thinking to something completely obscure. Think of shopping at the supermarket, think of the mole on the tip of your nose or think of the time you are spending with your partner, that and only that.

Next we have the theory that more intercourse will increase the odds, well it might and it might not but again this is about how you think about what the ‘purpose’ of the intercourse is for. If it is a mechanical ‘process’ you are carrying out to bring into alignment the ovulation, the moment then it is destined to struggle. The secret is ‘quality’ and if that means you have a lot of quality then that is okay but the focus has to be on the quality of the union.

  1. 2.    Quality not necessarily quantity. In other words when, and I am aiming this at the men in the relationship, it is your job to create the moment, it is your job to create the romantic setting, the mood if you like to bring you and your partner together for a wonderful love making evening, day or whatever is the time that you are aiming at. For example set the scene, light the candles, run a warm bath with some rose petals in, put out the nightie, arrange the pillows, warm up the space then let the moment occur. Put on some appropriate music, it should be background. If you have been together for some time then you know each others taste in music, is there a favourite that sets the mood?

At this point I want to expand upon point 2. Above. ‘Quality’ not only refers to the scene but to the actual Love making act. In our busy outrageous lifestyles these days we don’t have time to take our time. This is critical if you want to create life. Quality doesn’t mean you need to be the best lover, at all, it simply means you need to have the focus and attention to the person you are with.

  1. 3.    Quality Love Making. Women actually, mostly, don’t care how much you know about love making as opposed to how much you take ‘care’ during the love making. After all we are not thinking about making babies here we are simply thinking about creating a wonderful encounter with our better half. Gentleman, this is where you need to prepare the landscape. No house was ever built without foundations and if you fail to build strong foundations then the building will topple easily. Make sure that the quality love making you carry out is simply based around making your partner the single focus of your attention. Take the steering wheel (apologies for the building and driving metaphors), make sure you are driving the car. It is Sunday, what do we do on a Sunday, we go for a leisurely drive in the countryside. We don’t take the car for a quick spin around the block, we check the oil, we clean the windows, we put in some snacks or fuel and we set of with no particular destination in mind.

Nothing works better in our lives than fun. It is FUNdamental to our survival!! If your baby making is proving to be a drag, boring, no fun then it will be again difficult to get over the hurdles.

  1. 4.    Have Fun. Life is stressful enough without the pain and challenge of it being no fun. One thing that can make success more satisfying is the ability to have some fun. Make whatever you do, whether it is in the bedroom or in your day-to-day make it fun. By this I mean anything from playful to humorous to simply a fun thing to do. If you have something that makes you smile, it could be a piece or music, a picture, a sound of some sort that uplifts you and makes you smile every time you hear it then use whatever that is to create some fun. In my case I love certain movies, The Pursuit of Happyness, for example with Will Smith, this is a wonderful story of triumph and it is amazing how the movie makes you feel emotionally. A key to success in the baby making department is to get your emotions moving, fun is definitely the best way ever.

I have talked very much about ‘the act’ of making Love, to make babies but avoided the specifics of quantity, timing and connection. These are all important but what is more critical is simply the ability to have the desire for what it is you seek. In any situation we need to have a vision for whatever it is we desire.

  1. 5.    Create a Vision. Do you have a picture of a baby in your purse or wallet? No, then suggest you get one. If you read all the best goal setting books in the world they will all say you have to visualize what it is that you are seeking. Why would children be any different, because it is not material.. poppy-cock, get yourself a picture and on the back write all the things you are looking for in that child. Happy, girl, boy, healthy, smiling.. Then put on the back the date you want the child. Suggest it should be at least 9 months from now but put the date. Then visualize where the baby will sleep, where their cot will be, when the will arrive at home and you are a beginning family. Finally look at the picture and read the words EVERY day without fail, take some quiet time and read and look at the picture.



There is something magical in life when we create another  human being. This is, in my opinion, why we were put on this earth to procreate the species and everything in the universe wants us to succeed at this. Often we get in the way of ourselves in achieving this.

The aim of this article is to help you to remove some of the barriers, the biggest one in many cases being yourself. Get out of the way of providence, allow and let be and I am sure you will get the loving results you deserve.