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In this economy everybody is looking to save cash here and there. While it is not generally recommended to skimp on your pets care, you can reduce your out of pocket costs on your pets vaccinations.

Check with your Veterinarian to learn if they have a date where they provide a Vaccine Clinic and provide injections to customers dogs and cats at a reduced rate.

Make an appointment to have your pets vaccinations done at that time.

Your local Animal Shelter could offer vaccinations on certain days for a lower fee. Check your local phone listings and give them a call to make your pets appointment

Animal ControlAnimal Control often gives vaccinesvaccinations to pets at a lower cost usually a couple of times a week for 4 hours at a clinic and one Saturday a month.

The Saturday shot Clinics, can get busy, some do not arrange appointments, so you could just arrive with your pets, but expect long lines.

You really are better off, if you go in for your pets vaccines during the clinics that are held during the week, there could still be a bit of a wait but I guarantee, it will be a less than on Saturday.

Finally you can do the vaccines yourself at home, but you will need someone to hold your pet for you.

Many feed stores sell the vaccinations, make sure that the vaccine providers understand how to properly store the injectables. the vaccines need to be delivered in a cooler and quickly put into the cooler. If there is any doubt as to how the injectables were handled before purchase do not buy your injectables from this pet shop!

Be certain that you go through the directions and that you administer the correct injection at the correct time and using the correct route.

Some vaccinations must be given IM, which means that the injection is given into the muscle.
Some injections are given SQ or Sub-cutaneously, which only means that they are given under the skin.
And lastly there are vaccinations that need to be given into the nostrils.

Tips & Warnings
* Be certain too double check the dates and times that they are having the vaccine clinics and if an appointment is necessary
* Often times they also offer microchiping for less money when they are having their vaccine clinics
* Only a Licensed Veterinarian can give a rabies vaccination
* Insure that cats are in carriers for their safety.
* Insure that your dog is on a leash. if your dog is a small dog and/or obnoxious you may want to have them in a carrier for their own protection.
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