How to get rich at world of warcraft without even trying

First off this isn't a guide that's going to tell you the best places to farm. Also, this isn't a guide that is going to tell you to use bots. This is a guide for people who want to make some extra coin, and still want to actually have fun playing the game.

Without a doubt World of Warcraft is one of those games that can soak up all your extra time, and a lot of time you don't have to spare. So why do you want to go through it penniless? It's so much funner when you can buy whatever you want. I already go through life wish i had stuff that i don't. It's nice to know that at least in the world of warcraft i can get what i want. So here are a few simple things that i can share with you.

Gathering professions especially if you are just starting out it's a great way to have a lot of extra coin. It's insane how much some of the lower level herbs go for. This one can be a pain to level so i wouldn't really suggest it unless you really want it. To either help out the guildies or unless you want to start crafting. But without a doubt if you want to have a couple 1000 extra gold when your toon hits max level than get two gathering professions and never look back crafting professions are generally for the birds. 9 times out of ten you'll end up being able to sell the mats for more than the items worth and if you can do that then just buy the item. If your time is a premium and you're a casual player than seriously forget about the crafting professions. You can get way better items from just doing dungeons than you can make if you're a good enough player.

Crafting professions can be profitable. Yeah, you remember those professions i was just bad mouthing? Well they can be worth your while. It's much cheaper to get the mats yourself and level up the crafting professions, but that can take a very long amount of time. However, all the crafting professions come with a built in incentive some give extra sockets others give enchants you can only use if you have them. But honestly they tend to much more trouble than they are worth they generally take a ton of money and time to level, but some of them do have some very pricey cooldowns you can sell.

Dungeon running is a great way to make some money. Once you get some decent gear and maybe even a few good friends you run with. Doing heroics is a great way to earn some extra cash and can be a lot of fun. Depending on how quick you can get through some dungeons you can make a lot of coin disenchanting the items you pick up or even just selling them to a vendor.

The auction house however is the be all and end all of making serious money. It make take some time to set it up but once you learn to play the auction house game that is where it's at. Buy low and sell high pick a market and stick with it. There are tons of addons that help set up auctioning to make it quick and painless they may take some time to learn the ins and outs of them but do yourself a favor and take that minute. Before i learned to play the game within the game that is the auction house i felt like big stuff when i was able to scrap together 2 or 3 k. Now that i know what I'm doing it's not unreasonable to find myself with 25 or 30k plus after buying some epic riding for some of my toons.

Also a simple trick is look on the auction house for the latest orb or crucial component for the high end crafters or go just a step below the latest and greatest and start barking in town trying to buy one for cheaper than it's worth you'd be surpriesed the number of people trying to get rid of theirs. Then turn around and sell it for a profit without using the auction house then you don't have to deal with the ah cut. Doing battlegrounds while watching TV just popping in and out of town selling orbs i made 5k one day not to mention money i made after selling gems i bought with the honor. You don't have to work harder just smarter.