They say, if you see cockroaches running around freely in the day time …you probably have hundreds tightly hidden away your homes' kitchen-cupboards, wall baseboards, carpet, furniture, bathroom, TV, or wherever they might have set up shop in your home or dwelling.

Chalk Insecticide

Cockroaches are like the elite commandos of the insect world; they are resilient, robust, quick, stealthy and adaptive. They move under the cover of darkness, are purpose driven and highly motivated .If the cockroach sees you first; it can be extremely hard to catch and kill.

But killing one or a few amongst the hundreds, that may be present, is only a tiny step towards total victory over a roach problem. A single female cockroach can have 150 offspring each year. So if left unchecked, a roach problem can turn into a cockroach infestation over a period of time.

Getting rid of cockroaches for good can and will be difficult, especially if you're not aware of what you're up against. Using an aerosol can of insecticide and spraying a few confirmed and suspect spots dose little, if nothing in destroying a roach colony. You have to get at the main cockroach nest with the poison.

Roaches prefer and thrive in warm, dark and damp areas where they have access to a food source. They can also thrive in dry conditions, as long as there is a water supply. Cockroaches are scavengers so any rotting or fermenting food such as, fruit or any type of organic matter will do even wood glue and the insulation casings around some electric wires are a banquet for these critters.

How do roaches get in your home?

Boxes brought home from the grocery store. A roach can go undetected as it lives between the cracks and seams of a cardboard box from a grocery store or food plant. Cardboard boxes are one of the ideal places roaches like to live and breed. Certain types of cardboard boxes to watch out for are the corrugated types that usually hold produce…fruits and vegetables mainly.

Used furniture

A single cockroach can live off the glue of a postage stamp for about one year. Some coffee tables, couches, countertops, have some degree of carpenters glue in the construction. Cockroaches can thrive and multiply from eating the glue from these types of furniture. These house items are also prone to having debris of food crumbs in or around its general area, enough to make them ideal roach feeding grounds or motels. So there may be a whole community of cockroaches living in that used coffee table you just saw for sale at that yard sale.

They Come in From Outside

In the warmer areas, cockroaches frequently live outside. They can find their way into homes as any other insect would, under the front or back door jams, cracks or holes around the venting on your outside wall, even by pipes, vents and plumbing.

Hitched a rid in

Roaches can be brought into your dwelling on someone's clothing such as a jacket or carry bag, or even, from inside shoes……roaches commonly will go into warm shoes while foraging, as shoes are sometimes damp and dark…..these conditions are perfect for a juvenile, foraging cockroach. This is a just one of the many ways how roaches get transported to new homes. However, one rouge roach can't start an empire in your house, it takes two or more and the living conditions must be roach friendly.

Usually, cockroach nests or roach concentrations will be found under or in kitchen/bathroom cabinets', sinks, under refrigerators, or tucked in open seams or crevices along, under and around a kitchen counter top, where it's usually be dark and damp. Sometimes a fresh supply of food is unwittingly supplied as garbage and organic bins are sometimes kept under sinks in some kitchens, providing the perfect conditions for the roaches to live and breed.

Aerosol Insecticides

Generally, there are many chemical and non-chemical insecticides available on the market that will kill the common cockroach. With the aerosol spray insecticide, the spray must come in direct contact with the roach before it can kill the roach. Even thought roaches leave sent trials for other roaches to follow, not all roaches will take the same route and not all cockroaches will need to venture out to look for food. This means in order to be effective using an aerosol spray insecticide, you must get up close and personal and spray directly onto the roach or nest making sure that no spot is missed in and around that infested area. Some spray insecticides will last for up to 2 weeks on the surface the has been sprayed however the effectiveness starts diminishing as soon as the oxygen in the air begins to interact with the insecticide liquid.

In North America, due to government regulations and restrictions, the chemical formulas used in store bought household insecticides have gotten weaker and less effective in killing roaches. The effectiveness of store bought insecticides has diminished over the years In addition; being millions of years old, the cockroach is a genetic marvel, one of the true survivor species. Over the years the common cockroach it has adapted and become more immune to most store-bought insecticides.

Insecticide Powder or Insecticide Chalk

Boric AcidPowdered insecticides and chalk insecticides are low poisonous, powerful and highly effective in killing roaches, as well as others critters such as: ants, lice and louse. This type of insecticide is spread, in the areas where the roach activity is seen frequently like garbage bins and under kitchen cabinets and also along baseboards.

When the cockroach comes in contact with the powder with any part of its body, the insect's nervous system will fail to function and it will die within 4 – 10 hours. The exposed roaches will bring the poison that's on its body, back to the nest area, and spread the poison through-out the whole roach colony, which will in turn ….wipe them out for good.

The active ingredient in the most of the highly effective chalk and powdered insecticide formulas is Boric Acid. Boric acid is non toxic, odourless and safe for the environment, humans and pets.

Most Popular insecticide

The most popular and most effective household insecticide is the chalk type. Chalk insecticide is very easy to use, you can use it on vertical surfaces (you can't put powder insecticide on walls very easy). The results from chalk insecticide are immediate, long lasting and can be permanent.

Chalk lines are drawn in and around active roach areas in a manner that gives the roach no other alternative but to cross or touch the white chalk line. These lines should be 2 or 3 inches apart so when the roaches cross or even just touch the line, the chalk formula goes into action and quickly make short work of them.

As shown in one of the pictures. Miraculous Chalk Insecticide has been around since 1987. It's made in China but can be found in any of the Asian, West Indian or East Indian market, probably anywhere on the globe. Each box sells for around .50 cents. You get two non-toxic, white chalk sticks which are odourless, powerful and effective roach and insect killers. You can handle this product with your bare hands…just wash them after. This product can dramatically reduce or even irradiate a roach concentration for good- if used properly. No need for TV commercials, advertisements or gimmicks, on this stuff. You either know about it from word of mouth, or you don't. roaches

Hiring an Exterminator

Hiring a professional pest control company to come in and do the job can be costly. However, there is huge value in spending the money on ridding your home of vermin. The 2 or 3 hundred dollars you spend on a reputable exterminator will payoff; doing the job right the first time will speed up the whole process of getting those critters out of your space for good. You'll benefit from a health stand-point as well having a peace of mind knowing that a cockroach won't run come running across the counter while your entertaining guests.

A good pest control professional will do follow-up visits and educate their clients on how to prevent roaches from coming back in the future. They'll show clients all the areas where cockroach concentrations were and why they were there, and they'll educate their clients on how to not provide the living conditions for roaches, Preventative measures involving cleanliness and un-cluttering the main ways to ensure that cockroaches don't come back to re-establish a presence in your home.