Are you having trouble in sleeping, or having a migraine caused by your overwhelming nightlife last night? Then for sure you’re having a hangover. But how are you supposed to get over it? Sounds annoying but this are usually normal conversations between parents and kids especially to those who are not used to drinking liquors. Yet, parents would still take time to go about curing their kids’ hangover. There are a lot of ways on how to cure hangover however you have to make sure that it works perfectly for you. Some cures maybe effective to others but not to you. Let me share to you my own way of curing hangover and see if this would work for you.

Hangover regimen:

  • Take a full rest by sleeping. This is the best of all cures that I believe everyone would agree to be very effective. Take all the time you want in sleeping to make you feel better
  • Drink plenty of water and fruit juices. In this way, what you lose the other night can be regained.
  • You can have quick relief medicines if you want to but be very careful with its side effects because some pain relievers can cause allergies and might cause you more trouble in the future.
  • In the Philippines, drinking coffee can soothe hangover to some but just a heads up too much caffeine can dehydrate you also, so that a minimal amount of coffee is recommended.
  • Invigorate your system with energy drinks you are accustomed to like Gatorade.
  • Get refreshed with juices that are rich with vitamin C.
  • Take a hot and cold shower alternately. This will also help you in relieving hangover.


Keep in mind that having a healthy lifestyle will save you from all hassles of hangover. Drinking moderately won’t hurt your ego at all, so try not to mess up next time. This would help you avoid unwanted hangover and getting through all these steps.