Parasite infections

The symptoms of a parasite infection. Chronic fatigue, anemia, restlessness, lack of concentration, memory loss, skin rashes, digestive problems and headaches. If you have any 3 of these symptoms, it's possible that you have a parasite infection that could be harming your body's ability to absorb vitamins. The list of symptoms literally goes on "for days" because of the wide range of vitamin deficiencies that can result from a parasite or host.

Colon cleanse. Getting a colon cleanse is a good way to flush the system and get rid of parasites that are latched on the colon, which number in the tens in some people. The reason parasites latch on to the colon is not known. It is one of the most common places to find a parasite along with the intestines.

Garlic. The use of garlic helps to rid your body of roundworms. Garlic is great for irritating the parasite and causing it to move to another area. If you have a parasite in the small intestines, it's likely that this will get the parasite to move to another location like the colon. I recommend that you first eat plenty of garlic to move the parasite from its comfortable location and then get a colon cleanse.

Sage. Sage is a product used for cooking, but the oil emitted from the sage actually gets absorbed into the food and kills candida, which is a common type of bacteria. Sage can also irritate the parasite and cause it to move into other areas like the colon, making it easier to flush the parasite.

Pro-biotics.The strains of good bacteria that are in yogurt and many other products is known as pro-biotics, which helps kill bad bacteria and build up the immune system. The building up of the immune system will have a bigger effect on getting rid of the parasite but getting rid of the bad bacteria will also help the immune system.

Use filtered water. Parasites get into local water supplies and cause infections. You can filter your water to take care of this problem.

Eat more fiber. By eating more fiber, you are helping your body to more easily flush toxins such as parasites and built up fecal matter, which can build up without the proper balance of fiber in the diet.

Dog related parasites. Many people aren't aware of the fact that the fleas on your dog can harbor tape worm eggs, which can get into your system if the fleas are ingested by accident. Try to keep hands away from face after petting your dog. You can also get tape worms from dogs by touching contaminated dog food, so make sure to wash hands after feeding your dog.