Acne can be a very frustrating condition for those who suffer from it. If you have it, you may be looking for a fast way to get rid of acne that does not cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, there are ways of getting rid of acne naturally that cost little. Try some of the following acne cures at home :


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Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta. Also, try not to each much sugar, and when you do, use raw sugar. Fermented foods are also good to help you to naturally get rid of acne. These foods include kefir, sauerkraut and natural yogurt. Take a multivitamin to supplement your diet.


 Try to not use very many cosmetics, and when you do, avoid greasy cosmetics and creams. Try to stick to natural cosmetics that are water-based.


get rid of acne at home naturally

You should also cultivate healthy eating habits. This includes eating lots of vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Exercise is also good in terms of helping you prevent acne. Using a trampoline can help you keep your lymphatic system active.


Cleanse your face three times a day as follows: Let water run very hot from a faucet and then soak a cloth in it. Wring out the cloth, which should be streaming, and place the cloth on your face, which will open the pores on your skin.  Repeat twice. Keep your eyes closed throughout this procedure. Next, wash the cloth again under hot water, and rub soap on the cloth. Gently apply on your face, without scrubbing hard. Let the lather stay on your face for about 40 seconds, and in the meantime, wash the cloth with hot water. Now use the towel to carefully wipe away the lather. Next, wash the cloth under very cold water and then put the cloth on your face. Gently dab the moisture from your face without rubbing, which will help to close the pores in your skin.


Do not wear caps or tight headbands when you have acne. This will help your pores breathe better. Also, do not scratch or rub over the affected areas. Exposing your skin to a little sun may help your acne a bit, but it does not really get rid of acne significantly. Shampoo your hair daily and keep it combed away from your face, especially if you have greasy hair.


While the above are some cheap home remedies to get rid of acne, they will not work for everyone. Some people with more severe cases of acne may have to buy over-the-counter medicines or even consult a doctor.