Get rid of acne scars inexpensively

Evaluate the level of scarring. Ice pick scars often result from a cystic infection and are known as the worst type of scarring, Boxcar scars are round or oval depressions with steep vertical sides and keloid scars are the mildest form of acne scarring.

Stay out of the sun. UV rays from the sun can actually damage tissue around acne scars which make the healing process more difficult. At least where sun screen with a high SPF when you go outside.

Cucumber juice and rose water. To prepare the rosewater, simply put rose pedals from a fresh flower in a glass of water and let it set for an hour. Put the cucumber in a blender to liquefy. Remove the rose pedals and add the cucumber juice. Use a cleansing pad or cotton ball to add the paste to face and let it stay on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Use the right moisturizer and cleanser. Certain cleansers, moisturizers and sun screens can irritate the skin and clog pores. You should get only products that are all natural. Stay away from cleansers with harsh chemicals like benzyl peroxide.

Drink water and eat plenty of vitamins. Drinking water boosts cell turnover and rids the body of harmful toxins that can slow skin cell re-generation. Incorporating vitamin E,K, D and helpful anti-oxidants in your diet can also help the cell re-generating process.

Chemical peels. This type of treatment is ideal because it's fairly inexpensive compared to laser treatments and often involves much less risk. There is still some risk of a reaction, but it's easier to treat. This treatment peels off the first few layers of skin slowly over time and allows new skin cells to re-generate over the old scarring. You will notice gradual and consistent results.

Stay away from risky laser treatments. Laser treatments are very popular but often come with huge risks. Unless you have ice pick scars, the risks for laser treatment is high.