How to get rid of bed bugs at home

Bed bugs are nasty little parasites that like to feed on human blood. The bed bug will latch on to its victim whilst it sleeps and suck up enough blood to swell to three times its original size, before excreting some blood and water, through faeces and blood spots, so it can move and retreat back to its lair. So, if you are plagued by these nasty insects and want to know how to get rid of bed bugs at home, read on.

The number of bed bug infestations is on the increase and there are reported bed bug issues in places that have never previously seen bed bug infestations. Bed bug prevention is obviously better than dealing with a bed bug infestation however what happens if you failed to notice the bed bugs before it was too late? What happens if you have already got a bed bug infestation?

Essentially, there are two ways to get rid of bed bugs and these are do it yourself or call in some professionals exterminators to get rid of bed bugs for you.

How to get rid of bed bugs at home - Do it yourself treatment

The cheapest and most cost effective way of killing bed bugs is to do it yourself. In order to get rid of a bed bug infestation you are going to need to purchase some bed bug powder or  spray. Fortunately, there are several good bed bug treatments on the market, all of which are reasonably priced, easy to use and safe.

Once you have the bed bug powder or spray the next thing you need to do is thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom. You need to wash soft furnishings or where this is not possible run a vacuum over them. You need to wash curtains and blinds, dust and polish all furniture, strip bed linen, sheets and pillow cases and wash on a hot cycle. You need to pay special attention to the mattress, the bed base or slats and the bed’s legs.

With the house nice and clean the final thing is to treat it with the bed bug powder or spray. All bed bug powders and sprays will have detailed instructions on the back of the bottle or on a leaflet sold with the treatment. Follow the instructions and you won’t have any problems. It is worth noting that bed bug powder and sprays contain dangerous chemicals therefore you should only use them as described by the manufacturers.

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation yourself is possible when you first detect bed bugs, i.e. before the problem gets too big. If you have a large infestation home treatments may not work and it is advisable to call in the exterminators.

How to get rid of bed bugs at home - Call in the exterminators

With the increase in bedbug infestations there has been an increase in companies that specialise in killing bedbugs, as you would expect, and there are two bed bugs extermination techniques used when killing bed bugs.

The first technique is using bed bug powder or sprays. The extermination company will come in to your house, thoroughly clean the infected rooms and seal them off before treating with bed bug powder or spray. Bed bug powder and sprays contains harsh chemicals that not only kill the bed bugs but also many other types of insects that are located in your house. This seems to be beneficial at first, but there are wider implications with this. If these other insects mange to get out of your property and die out in your yard they may get in to the food chain and infect other animals. For example, a small garden bird may consume an insect that was exposed to the bed bug powder and
become contaminated itself. A predatory bird may then consume the small bird and become contaminated, and so on.

The second technique is using heat treatment for bed bugs. When the exterminators use this  method they will enter your home and blast heat in to the property. Bed bugs, nymphs and eggs will die if they are subjected to temperatures over degrees therefore heat treatment for bed bugs involves heating the property and keeping it at a constant temperature for a few hours There are many advantages using heat treatment for bed bugs, the main ones being that it doesn’t use any chemicals, a single treatment is usually enough to break the bed bug life cycle and it is environmentally friendly. The main disadvantage of heat treatment for bed bugs is that it is expensive compared to using bed bug powder or spray.

Heat treatment for bed bugs is considered to be the best way of getting rid of bed bug however it is an option that may not be viable. The first thing to consider is the cost of the heat treatment. Some people simply can’t afford heat treatment for bed bugs and the only option they have is to use bed bug powder or spray. Heat treatment for bed bugs is quite specialised at the moment and there are not that many bed bug exterminators who offer this service, therefore you may not be able to get heat treatment for bed bugs even if you can afford it and are actually willing to pay the additional cost for it.

How to get rid of bed bugs at home - the conclusion

If you are unfortunate enough to find bedbugs in your house there are a few options open to you and the best one will depend on your specific circumstances. If you detect bed bugs you can get rid of the problem yourself with a bed bug powder or spray and there will be no need for getting the professional exterminators in, which is going to cost you.

If you find yourself with a large bedbug infestation the best thing to do is call in the exterminators. Arguably, the best way of killing bedbugs is to use the heat treatment method however this may not be available in your area, or it may be too expensive for you. If you find yourself having to call in the exterminators you are going to have to decide what is the best way of getting rid of the bedbugs for you.