Getting rid of blackheads, naturally

You don't have to buy some expensive skin treatment system to get rid of your blackheads. You don't have to squeeze or pop them either! (Yuck.) Blackheads are actually one of the easier skin problems to correct for - it's really just a matter of getting the gunk out of your pores, then keeping it out. The natural remedies have two stages - clean out your pores, then keep them clean.

Step one, The Pull: Start by getting out the gunk

This should be the initial jump-start part of blackhead removal. The pull will clean out your pores and give you a clean slate. You've got two options here, honey or egg whites.

First option, honey. The theory? Honey is sticky enough to pull whatever's in your pores out, and slightly antibacterial to boot. To do a honey pull, clean your face and pat it dry. Then simply rub honey gently over your problem areas with small, circular motions. Once you've worked over the area once or twice, rinse your face off with warm water and pat dry.

Second option, egg whites. Start with some fresh whites, beaten in a bowl with a fork until smooth. My preference is to choose local or at least organic eggs - since they'll be fresher. With your fingers, apply a thin layer of whites to the affected areas. As this dries, apply one or maybe two more layers. Your skin will feel tight where the whites are drying. Let the treatment sit for 10 - 15 minutes. Then, gently scrub off with warm water and a wash-cloth.

Step Two, Weekly Maintenance: Exfoliation plus moisturizer

 Your pores are getting gunked up by dead skin cells, dirt, and oils that aren't getting removed like they should. On that theory, a little scrubbing help (followed by some good moisturizer) should keep your skin cleared-up. I have personally found that doing one of these treatments each week (with an occasional honey or egg-white pull if the blackheads seem to be coming back) has gotten rid of problem blackhead zones I've had since high school. What will you need? A "scrubbing" agent plus some sort of liquid to make a thin paste. I think of this sort of treatment as "weekly maintenance" -- less an emergency remedy than a way to keep new blackheads from forming.

 The method: Rub your paste-of-choice gently on problem spots - like your nose or chin, then rinse with warm clean water, pat dry, and apply the high quality moisturizer of your choice to finish.

 Some great scrubbing-paste options:

 1. Baking soda and water. This is my favorite. I feel like the baking soda also helps cut any oiliness.

2. Buttermilk and salt. Smells a little weird - but the slight acid in the buttermilk helps clean out your pores!

3. Sugar and lemon juice. Be careful with this one, the lemon juice is pretty powerful and can sting. Don't leave this one on too long.