Methods of cellulite removal

Cellulite is a result of increased fat on a particular portion of the body which causes an undesired dimple-like stuff growing on your skin. It is mostly seen among women and appears mainly on the back of the upper legs, around the pelvis and on the thigh areas. Generally the skin alteration leads to cellulite that affects after puberty. Lots of women get worried about this unwanted appearance as there is an irritation due to this dimple while wearing their favorite clothes and often they become public conscious and less confident about their look. Though there are a several remedies but all of them are not equally authentic and safe. Some specific cost-effective methods of cellulite removal:

Surgery may be done in case of liposuction. The patient is given anesthesia as the excess fat causing damage is operated and got out by the surgeon. After the surgery the patient needs some time to get fully recovered and move smoothly like before.

You can take preventive pills for the desired result. But make sure it is prescribed by a physician and has the proper effectiveness.

This may sound quite strange but true that acupuncture is potent enough in curing cellulite. This is a type of Chinese medication which is considered as a natural treatment with no risk and side effects. It involves no chemicals and the patient gets rid of cellulites completely in a healthy manner.

There are some other herbal and natural methods to remove cellulite from your skin.

get rid of cellulite

Simple exercise is the best way to keep away cellulite. Try to cultivate a habit of going through exercises that are comfortable to you and can be maintained in a systematic way. You can start by walking, running or swimming at a regular basis that help to reduce fat in the body. Or you can do cardio exercises that melt the extra fat deposit in a quicker and smoother way. Cardio exercises should be followed for at least half an hour a day and at least thrice a week.

Nutritious diet brings in good health and proper shape which do not allow the presence of cellulite. Set a right diet chart to be followed regularly and try to eat green vegetables, fresh fruits ,nuts and lean meats and drink plenty of water. The recommended quantity of water for women is 10 to 12 cups per day. Avoid fast and junk food and cut out some items from your food list like salty food, foods with high calorie, cheaps, oily food that can produce fat in your body.

There are a number of lotions and creams available in market to cure cellulite. But at the same time it is hard to recognize the artificial ones that can harm your skin. So try to get a reliable good moisturizing cream after checking its genuineness.

Another way you can opt for is to put a bandage on the cellulite-affected area and leave it for half an hour. After that remove the bandage, wash off the surface and rinse it properly.

Many doctors advise doing message on your skin. This treatment produces positive results if done in a right way. Gently message the affected part as message helps in smooth flow of blood circulation that refreshes the skin. Message reduces the toxin and hardened fat from the dimple and gives a new look to your skin.

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