Constipation makes you feel awful throughout the day.

You hate it when you have constipation. You hate the thought of all the waste material staying in the body. You feel dirty and bloated.

You wish that you can get rid of the waste material from your body immediately.

How to get rid of constipation?

You need to make lifestyle changes if you have chronic constipation. Let us look at some ways to get rid of constipation.

1. Watermelon

When you have constipation, you do not feel like eating lunch or dinner. You feel bloated.

You can buy one watermelon, and eat at least half of it as your dinner. If you can finish the whole watermelon, that is even better.

Watermelon helps to cleanse your colon. You will find instant relief from constipation after eating the whole watermelon.

The only bad side effect is when you end up with a diarrhea.

2. Drink more water

It is important to drink more water, especially in the morning.

You can drink at least two glasses of water the first thing in the morning. You should drink plain water before you drink coffee.

Coffee dehydrates the body. That is why drinking two glasses of water before coffee is a better idea. You will find that this simple task helps to solve constipation problem.

3. Dietary fiber

Many people have chronic constipation because of the lack of dietary fiber in the body.

You need to eat enough raw fruits and vegetables to get sufficient dietary fiber. It is better to eat fruits and vegetables than to drink the juice.

Juicing extracts the juice but not the dietary fiber.

The best thing about dietary fiber is that it will not stay in the body. The body cannot digest it. It can make you full without making you gain weight. You can lose weight if your diet consists enough quantity.

4. Sleep well

You need to sleep well for the body to function optimally.

When you do not sleep well, you will find that you are prone to constipation.

It is best to sleep enough and sleep well, so that the body can get rid of waste easily.

5. Exercise

Some people find that they have constipation when they sit too much in the office and at home.

The annoying thing is that when they start to exercise, they experience nature call and need to rush to the toilet.

Many marathon runners face the same problem. They run less than a mile, and need to find a toilet quickly.

Exercising is a must for anyone with constipation problem.

6. Food with Vitamin C

You know that chili helps to lose weight.

Hot chili is a source of Vitamin C. If you are one of those people who need to rush to the toilet after taking hot chili, you can use hot chili to get rid of constipation.

You do not need to eat spicy dishes.

You can cut the red hot chili and add it to the pasta or pizza or whatever food you eat.

If you cannot tolerate hot chili, you can eat other fruits with high Vitamin C. For example, drinking a glass of iced cold lemon juice or eating the grapefruit.

Apple Cider Vinegar is another good source of Vitamin C. Some people drink Apple Cider Vinegar throughout the day to get rid of constipation.

7. Papaya seeds

Most of us eat papaya without the seeds. If you bite on the papaya seeds accidentally, you will never forget the bitterness forever.

The fact is that papaya seeds can get rid of constipation.

The body cannot digest the seeds. The seeds will pass through the colon, and cleanse it.

You can swallow the papaya seeds when you eat papaya. In this way, you can gain the benefits of papaya seeds and get rid of constipation.

Constipation is often the result of diet and sedentary lifestyle. While constipation is not a sickness itself, it is a signal that you are not taking care of your health.

You need to make a lifestyle change to get rid of chronic constipation.