We toil all day in the garden in order to either save a little money or just love cultivating the best fruits and vegetables possible to pass out to our family and friends. The biggest show stopper and frustration when gardening can come from little pests that want a piece of your hard work. In this article I will show you some cheaper pest control alternatives to help keep your garden free from intruders.

Things You Will Need

Various houshold items and chemicals

Step 1

Try spraying soft shell bugs with rubbing alcohol with a spray bottle. They kill the insects almost instantly but do not spray seedlings or relatively young plants with the alcohol as it can damage them. Planting Queen Anne's lace, fennel and sage will attract helpful insects that will help protect your garden by taking care of the pests for you.

Step 2

To get rid of slugs, find a couple jar lids and fill them with beer. Slugs are extremely attracted to the yeast and will drink the suds down to their own peril. You can get rid of mites by spraying butter milk from a plant mister as well.

Step 3

You can also spread some spent wood ashes over your garden and flower bed area. The ashes are great at repelling onion maggots and bean beetles as well as other pests. The wood ashes scattered also helps your garden soil too!

Tips & Warnings