Get rid of house ants

Ants make their access to our dwelling places and travel around causing destruction of foods, make their unwanted nests by ruining our wood and build mounds in our property. They inflict us in various ways and most of them look identical to one another. But there are varied types of ants like carpenter ants, acrobat ants, red ants, pharaoh ants and house ants. According to their type unique methods are applied to eliminate them. You can take the help of a professional entomologist to recognize ant category or you can get some non-winged ants for sample in a plastic bag to examine them correctly.

As soon as you find that your favorite abode is attacked by a group of ants who feed on the residual food or waste stored unnecessarily at home it becomes essential to ward them off from your house by taking effective measures.

 Identify where the ants have started making their nest and exactly from where they are coming. Home appliances, back of the wall, cupboard, behind doorways and windows are some places that are ideal to hide them so that the nest remains undiscovered. After determining the true source of their entry try to seal those open places and cracks and clean the dirty areas. Place cider vinegar before the invaded areas with right proportion for at least three days to see the result.

Natural way to get rid of house ants

Make a mixture of vinegar with equal amount of water and put it in a bottle to spray on the affected areas. Another mixture you can make is with Eucalyptus, Lavender, tea tree oil, hazel extract (1 teaspoon each) with water to spray it for killing the odorous house ants.

The ants make mounds outside and inside your house. In case of outside ants insecticide can be applied. The recommended insecticides are Demon WP and Cynoff that are used to drain the house ants with their nest. These are the liquid insecticides for drowning the ants and the mounds including the surrounding spots. Before using them you should go through the instructions written on the labels and children and pets are to stay away from these products.

Form a barrier around the house with Talstan and water and scatter around the building. Using fan spray also produces good result in protecting yourself from the attack of the house ants.

For indoor protection bait is the best option to choose for driving house ants away from inside your living place. House ants generally get attracted to protein baits though in some occasion sugar baits also do the trick to trap house ants.  Protein bait is made of 2 teaspoon of boric acid and Peanut Grease and kept in front of the trail left by the ants. The quality of the bait depends on the toxic capacity of it and the concentration of boric acid is prepared according to its strength.

Two teaspoon of boric acid mixed in a sugar-rich base of jelly, jam, honey or maple syrup is used as a bait that again kills the odorous ants. Keep an eye on the effectiveness of the bait and if one bait does not work properly try out a new bait. Ants are destroyed after feeding for a long period. Better products for baits can be supplied from a profession pest control firm and some of these products include MaxforceR, CombatR etc.

Wherever the presence of house ants is suspected like into the cracks or voids apply dust with Delta Dust insecticide. It is water-proof and easy to use.

Make a solution of boiled water and salt and pour it on the ant colony or nest for three days at least to eliminate house ants.

Spray the liquid mixture of one teaspoon of water with dish detergent made in a spray bottle.

As preventive actions against house ants you should maintain cleanliness, repair the leaked pipes, remove the stored bricks or piled lumber and use caulk to close the entry ways of ants.

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally