How to get rid of malware applications?

Have you recently bought a computer? Have you already installed Windows Xp or Windows 7, or Windows Vista? Let's say, that your brand new toy works perfectly, all programs open in a blink of an eye, no slow operations. However, then you do someting crucial - plug in internet cable and start browsing all over the place.
I usually work from home and I calculated that each day i visit around 100 different websites. Right now i am into writing articles, therefore, i have to do a thorough research and this goal can not be achieved without visiting a bunch of websites.

Having an antivirus is not enough

Let's say, that you have an antivirus program, Norton or Kaspersky. You think, that your computer is protected, therefore no need to worry. Then you start visiting like 100 or 200 websites a day and what happens? After a while your computer gets more and more slugish, programs do not open in a blink of an eye, sometimes you need to restart your browser, some annoying popups start popping around. The thing is the more websites i visit, the more spyware applications get stuck to my hard drive. Don't think, that having an antivirus application is enough. If you don't take any steps, soon you will have to reinstall your OS, therefore take precautions.

Try system restore

If your computer got infected with various spyware and malware applications and no antivirus scan helps, do a system restore. System restore tool is very useful and helpful, because it brings you operating system bact to an earlier settings. You can choose whether system should be restored to settings that were set 1 week ago or maybe a month ago.
The good thing is you will not loose any information, including doc files and other work. Besides, system restore process ir reversible. If somethin bad happens, you can bring it back to your present settings.
Go to Start, All programs, the choose Accesories, System Tools and click on System restore. Then click on Next and click any bold day that you wish to bring your PC to. Your system automatically creates restore points called system checkpoints. So choose any checkpoint and click Next. After the reboot your system settings will be restored to the chosen day.

Try Spyware removers

But maybe you can not use this tool. Maybe some malware program won't let you open System Restore tool. There is another option - download some spyware removal program. There are more than enough spyware removal tools on the net. Some of them have a free version and a paid version.

Try SuperAntiSpyware

I tried many removal tools, but the one that really helped is SuperAntiSpyware. It detects Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, KeyLoggers, Hijackers, Rootkits and other parasytes, that are hard to detect. This spyware removal application will not slow down you computer and is compatible with any antivirus application. So, download and use it. Run a scan and clear your PC from different types of garbage. Some say, that in order to get rid of ALL spyware and malware, you need to download a paid version, because vendors make free versions that usually overlook some malware applications. They do so on purpose, that after trying a free version, you would download professional and paid edition. Don't know if that's true. For me free edition works just fine.

From time to time you need to do computer diagnostics. Try to learn more about computer repair and maintenance. Do not hesitate and install some spyware removers and start browsing without fear of being infected.