The word 'pigment' means colour. When we speak of the pigment of ones skin, we are refering to the colour of ones skin. Each and every person has their own unique skin pigment. Cells in the skin called Melanocytes produce a brown colured substance called melanin. Melanin is what gives our skin its natual skin colour.

When there is an over-production of melanin, then the skin becomes discolured. This condition is called hyper-pigmentation. The problem is that the discolouration is much darker than ones natural skin colur, so it is easily noticeable. This can be a blow to ones self-esteem, and it can affect peoples social lives as well as there day-to-day living.

Hyper-pigmentation of the skin may occur anywhere on the body, but it most commonly appears on the face, neck, hands, and underams. Hyper-pigmentation may be caused by a host of factors. One of which is over-exposure to the sun. A diet low in vitamin B2, or a poor diet in general, may also lead to hyper-pigmentation. Then it is also said that with age ones skin becomes darker, owing to hormone changes and imbalances. All in all, causes of hyper-pigmentation are varied, and extensive tests may need to be done on the subject in order to get to the root of the problem.

It seems to be increasingly difficult in todays world to eliminate stubborn hyper-pigmentation, as the market seems to be flooded with all sorts of so-called 'miracle' cures. One becomes so over-whelmed and confused that you do not know where to turn. I suffered with hyper-pigmentation on my face for almosr 12 years. More specifically it was around the mouth area and on the eye-lids. I tried everything, but nothing helped. I used many de-pigmenting creams, serums, solutions and products but since I have very sensitive skin, these products just left my skin red, swollen and inflamed. If anything, all the depigmenting products I used just seemed to make the hyper-pigmentation markes seem darker. After using google as a search engine, I found results saying I should use lemon or lemon juice. This didnt help either and it actually caused the marks on my face to become even darker when exposed to sunlight (even when wearing a sun block) I even tried micro-dermabrasion laser treatment, later swopping to VPL laser treatment for 2 whole years. Theses were painfull and expensive sessions, which yielded very little and very slow results.

Eventually I came across a cheap home remedy given to me by a Healer from The East. It was the answer to my prayers. It was cost-effective and most of all, it was just effective, full stop. From then on, I have made it my mission to spread the word, and help others who have suffered the same.

Things You Will Need

onion seed spice

electric spice grinder (even an electric cofee grinder would do)

milk (any kind, as long as its fresh milk, and not the powdered kind)

bowl for mixing

spoon for strirring

cotton bud for application

Step 1

OnionseedVisit a Spice Shop and tell them you want to purchase Onion Seed Spice. They will know what it is.

Step 2


Once you get home, grind the entire packet of onion seed spice, using the electric spice grinder, until it becomes a powder-like substance.

You can store the black onion seed powder in a jar, plastic container, or in a ziplock jiffy plastic bag.

Step 3

Mix some of the onion seed powder with milk in a bowl, using a spoon

You can use any quantity. I usually use a table spoon of onion seed powder and I pour in the milk using my own judgement.

The mixture should not be too thick, nor too runny.

It should be a kind of paste-like mixture so that the mixture will stick to the skin like a facial mask when applied to the affected area.

Step 4


Apply the mixture onto the affected area using a cotton bud.

Step 5

Leave the mixture on the affected area intil the mixture becomes dry on the skin

Step 6


Wash off the mixture using water.

After you are done, you can then cleanse the skin as you would normally do

This remedy can be repeated several times a day, as often as desired.

I found that the more times a day I used it, the better the results were.

You can place the remainder of the contents in the bowl, in the re-fridgerator, to be used later on

Tips & Warnings

Onion Seed is normally very cheap. I do not know what price it is sold for around the world, but in my country 1 packet sells for the equivalent of 0.67 USD or 0.42 GBP.

If you do not know where in you country you can purchase onion seed spice, used google to find out.

Avoid contact with eyes, more specifically try not to let the mixture accidently enter your eyes. Should this happen rinse your eyes with cold water, as burning of the eye will occur.

When you initially begin treatment, the skin may appear somewhat dry , just bear with it, as it will pass.

You will see results almost immediately. After my first week results were already visible.

Continue this process until the marks have completely disappeared.

Always wear a good sun protection factor, to prevent further darkening of the skin.