How to get rid of red ants

Ants are the unwanted small creatures that enter our house and spoil the food and sweets stored. Some of them are dangerous as they have poisonous stings affecting many of us who are allergic to it.The deadly ants can cause severe pain and nuisance by their itchy bites. There are many types of ants like red ant, black ant, fire ants etc. Red ants are very common in U.S.A, Canada and Australia. However it is important to find out the category of ants and then try out the suitable steps to drive them away. If your house is invaded by red ants there are simple ways to ward them off. Some simple steps you can follow to get rid of red ants:

Take the skin of citrus fruit and water in suitable proportion and make a mixture and pour it to the ant hill. Or you can use soap water into the ant hills to kill them.

diatomaceous earth

You can put diatomaceous earth on the cracks of the walls where ants encounter. It kills the ants by dehydrating them with the algae it contains. This powder can be found in hardware stores or you can choose baby powder consisting of diatomaceous earth for the same purpose.

If you have ants in your yard or inside your house sprinkle ground cinnamon around that area. Heavy use of ground cinnamon protects you from the attack of red ants by destroying them instantly.

Use hot and boiled water on the mounds that ants build at your place. It is very useful if you do it after rainfall because the ants will be trying to rebuild the mount but won’t be able to reach deeper due to the mud and you can catch them from the surface easily. This can be continued for few days to abolish them completely.

You can spray white vinegar through a spray bottle in and around the places where red ants come. Or you can prepare a solution by apple cider vinegar with water and apply it to keep away red ants.

Bay leaves are effective enough to put an end to the disturbance of red ants.Try to place them in your kitchen and pantry,around cutlery and shelf to prevent red ants from making their way to your property.

Keep uncooked corns in front of the red ants’ entry area. Red ants cannot digest them and will carry it to their nest and all the rest ants will be killed by the uncooked corns as they will eat them but will not be able to digest.

Mix one spoon of icing sugar with one spoon of baking soda and put the mixture where the red ants invade.

If trail is found place baby powder,red pepper and dried peppermint on it that can remove red ants.

get rid of red ants

Red ants hate mint and so it advisable to use mint at the doorways from where they enter.You can form a barrier that cannot be crossed by ants with the use of lemon juice,coffee grounds and cayenne pepper.

Using baits is highly recommended and the best way to get rid of any type of ants. Make the bait by mixing borax or boric acid and honey and put it in the way of the ants. The ants will have it and bear it to their colony spreading it over the nest that shall finish them off. The same trick can be done by poisonous food that will be eaten by the ants and end them in turn.

Using pesticides are one of the strongest methods to kick away ants.Some pesticides include Dominion 2L, Phantom that are applied to get rid of ants.

Nicotine is something that red ants do not like and therefore you can eliminate them by using it on the Red ant hill.

You can choose some home-made poisonous spray to kill ants on their nests but with precaution and keeping yourself away from the nest as their stings can cause allergy or nausea.

Apart from all these methods you can take the help of a pest professional to serve the purpose more quickly and efficiently.

How to Get Rid of Red Ants