Sneezing is the body's way of cleaning out the nasal passage and disposing bothersome particles like dust or pollen. Although it's quite natural to sneeze occasionally, it can get quite annoying if it happens frequently. Continuous sneezing can make your nasal passages irritated and sore.Here are a few tips to get rid of sneezing.

Things You Will Need

Nettle, Ctrus fruits, vaseline

Step 1

Nettle is a herbal remedy to get rid of sneezing. You can get nettle supplements in almost all health stores.Nettle tea is also a medicine to get rid of sneezing.Take the medicine when you feel you are about to sneeze.

Step 2

This method is more psychological and many people have found it useful for getting rid of sneezing. Look at the darkest object nearby. It can be a computer screen , or someone's black clothing. Imagine yourself slowly moving into the blackness, as if you are zooming into outer space and being enveloped in more and more warm darkness. Focus deeply on imagining this, and you can get rid of the sneezy feeling.

Step 3

Drink a lot of water. This can reduce the frequency of your sneezing. Rub your self down with some vaseline on your nose passage temples. nose chest and under your feet. You will have to do this every half an hour to get rid of sneezing.

Step 4

Take a lot of Vitamin C rich fruits. Vitamin C reduces the amount of histamine in the body, thereby getting rid of sneezing. All citrus fruits such as Orange, Lemon are rich in vitamin C. Take orange juice or a lemonade.

Step 5

Keep yourself away from all allergy inducing elements. Cover your nose when you are cleaning your house or garden as dust and pollen can cause allergiess and thereby sneezing. Keep your house always clean. Many can have sneezing due to interaction with their pets. Keep your pets always clean. Personal cleanliness is required to get rid of sneezing.

Tips & Warnings

Don't try to stop a sneeze. During sneezing, Our body emits particles at a high velocity. So trying to stop it with your hand can cause serious injury to your nose.

Always cover your nose while sneezing. Sneezing is the main cause of spreading of many diseases.