Getting Rid of the Initial Memory Foam Mattress Smell


While memory foam mattresses come with many great benefits for your health, they also come with something else; a semi potent initial smell. When you first open your memory foam mattress you will notice that is has what appears to be a faint smell of gasoline. This smell will naturally dissipate over time and is non toxic, but for some people it is quite bothersome and they would like it to go away as fast as possible.

Here are some tricks to get the smell out quicker than just leaving it to air out.

1. Air out the room

Obviously with more air circulation the smell is going to leave quicker. Open as many windows as possible and turn on a fat to increase the air circulation in the room. If you have a portable air conditioner, place it in the room and leave it running as it will help suck the smell out of the room; just make sure to put the exhaust hose out the window so you don't just move the smell around your house.

2. Wash your sheets nightly

If the smell is bothering you, try washing your sheets nightly or every second night. Use plenty of fabric softener to help cover up the smell.

3. Use Odor Absorbents

My three favorite odor absorbers for sucking any smell out of a room are three different products.

First, get a bowl of coffee grinds and put it on one bed side table.
Next, place a bowl of vinegar on the other bed side table.
Finally, place sheets of fabric softener around the room. Fabric softener sheets tend to have a scent rating, try to find ones with the strongest scent rating as they will not only absorb some of the odor, they will also overpower it with their own more pleasant smells.

4. Use an Ozonator

This is probably going to be the best option, however most people don't have the equipment necessary to do this. If you happen to have an ozonator machine, leave it running in the room. You will be amazed how quickly the smell goes away.

Once the smell has gone away, you will be able to experience all the benefits of having a memory foam mattress without the funny smell new memory foam mattresses come with.