One of the first visible signs of aging is often fine lines around the eyes and under-eye wrinkles beginning to gradually appear. These are an unfortunate result of the aging process, and are typically caused by sun damage, stress, lifestyle choices, and the overall loss of skin elasticity. Unfortunately, the sensitive skin around the eyes is one of the first areas on the face to succumb to the outward signs of aging.

Fine lines, small creases, and "crow's feet" are very common and bothersome little reminders that you are getting older. Crow's feet get their name from the resemblance to the imprints left by the feet of the named birds. This is just fine in the avian world but it is certainly not what most women want to see in the mirror.

How They Form

It doesn't take much to get them started. They begin as subtle flaws (as early as age 20) when the skin does not produce enough of its own natural oil. This results in the eye are being prone to dehydration, making it easier for wrinkles to develop. In addition, as we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and produces less collagen under the skin. The result of this often translates into "sagging" skin and wrinkles.

Years of expression or repetitive facial movements can create these lines. For example, if you have squinted a great deal throughout the years and/or you use your upper facial muscles often, you may have developed or be predisposed to developing crow's feet.

Steps You Can Take to Get Rid of Them

First and foremost, keep in mind that you don't just have to accept looking older and there are steps you can take to slow the process. The best defensive strategy against under-eye wrinkles and crow's feet is a proactive, offensive skin care game plan. Applying daily moisturizers and developing a good skin care regimen is paramount in the fight against age-related issues.

Many eye creams available on today's market can aid in replenishing and encouraging collagen to form in the skin. These types of products can aid in diminishing wrinkles over time and help to keep the area around your eyes looking youthful. A good way to start your search is by checking out one of the online skin care product buying guides. By reading several different reviews, you can get an idea as to which products might interest you.

Another proactive measure you can take to aid in the prevention and/or reduction of under-eye wrinkles and crow's feet is making sure to always wear sunglasses and sunscreen when outdoors. It is a known fact that sunlight is a primary cause of premature aging.

Other habits to steer clear of in the fight against wrinkles are consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking. Smoking accelerates skin problems and can increase the look of fine lines on the face while creating other skin imperfections like age spots.

In addition, make sure that you are getting enough rest at night and drinking lots of water, as this can help to revitalize aging skin. Keep in mind that your skin will reflect what you put into your body. Making good health decisions will help to enhance your well-being and your outward appearance.