An easy to put together paste that will absorb odors and keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. Helping eliminate those nasty urine odors in your bathroom. Don't just cover up odors ! Eliminate them.!

Things You Will Need

Rubber Gloves

Baking Soda


Sponge or old rag

plastic bucket or large plastic bowl

Step 1

Put on the rubber gloves

Add the baking soda to the bucket

Add the peroxide slowly to the bucket, keep face away this will fizz and may fume

mix together with your gloved hands

take a wet sponge or rag and apply to the base of the toilet and around the back and sides of the outside of the toilet

Let this dry into a crust on the toilet , you can leave it a couple days if you can stand it that long

The odors will absorb into the baking soda and the peroxide will make your porcelain shine.

you can brush it off or wipe it off with a cloth or use a sponge.

This can be done once a month or as often as needed. This can also be used as a mild abrasive in bathtubs, sinks,porta potty's or any other place you have that undesireable smell.

Tips & Warnings

Do not use this on wallpaper or paint. You may want to test a piece inconspicuously behind the toilet .

I would also suggest using diluted white vinegar for walls . Sponge it on and it will eliminate those odors.