cat pee smellAll cat lovers have had to go through getting rid of the cat pee smell at least once in their life. Normally a cat is a very clean and low maintenance pet. But if you have multiple cats or if the family feline starts having accidents then you can be faced with cleaning up messes all over the house. Not only can the urine stain carpet and furniture, but the cat pee smell that builds up can be overpowering. This is because cat pee has is high in ammonia, a very distinct and pungent chemical. If the cat box area of if your cat have started to pee in different parts of the house you need to take proactive steps in order to prevent your house from being overwhelmed with the cat pee smell.

Stop the cat pee smell at the origin

The first thing you need to do is to determine why the cat is misbehaving and stop the cat from peeing on the furniture or carpet. Many people are tempted to clean up the problem and not concentrate on fixing the root cause. If a cat starts to pee in an inappropriate location, they do so for a reason. The most likely cause is that the the cat is under some stress or has an urinary tract infection. A visit to the vet can help you diagnose the problem and suggest a solution. If neither of those are the culprit, it is most likely because the litter box is not clean enough. Regular cleaning of the litter box not only gets rid of the cat pee smell but encourages the felines to use the litter box. Remember, cats naturally want to urinate in a place that the can cover up. Consider using a a commercial urine odor remover like Zero Odor that mask the cat pee smell but also break down the ammonia that causes the strong odor.

Removing the cat pee smell from the floor or furniture

The next step is to tackle the spot where the cats peed. Cleaning a solid surface like wood or linoleum is Is usually simple. First try mopping up the mess with a floor cleaner. Next, wash the spot again with a one part white vinegar and three parts water solution. Many times, this will not only remove the cat pee smell but also remove any stains. If the vinegar solution does not fix the problem, try mixing a one part hydrogen peroxide with nineteen parts water solution. Be careful that hydrogen peroxide can discolor some materials. First take the solution and dab it on a small hidden part of the floor to see if it causes discoloration. If the floor is not harmed by this solution it is very effective in breaking down the ammonia chemicals that cause the pat pee smell.

If the cat pee smell is on furniture or carpet, use paper towels to absorb up the cat pee. Then drench the spot with the white vinegar/water solution mentioned above. Dry the area again and then liberally spread baking soda. Baking soda is another effective agent for breaking down ammonia. Finally, use a brush to clean the area with a mild detergent This method almost always cleans out the area as well as gets rid of the smell. If the smell does not go away, you will have to try a commercial urine odor removal product such as Zero Odor. Some people have had success with the hydrogen peroxide mixture mentioned above, but there is a significant chance of discoloring the carpet or cloth.

Remove the cat pee smell from cloths

Washing cloths and rugs in a washing machine with apple cider vinegar is very effectivecat pee in getting rid of the cat pee smell. First separate out the offending items and load them into the washing machine. Start the wash on hot water with no detergent. After the tub is full and the wash cycles has just started, add a few cups of apple cider vinegar and let the tub agitate for a few more minutes. Then stop the washing machine, let it sit for a hour and restart the wash cycle. After completing the wash, check the item for the cat pee smell. If the smell is still present, do another wash cycle. Under no circumstances should any item that has the cat pee smell be placed into a dryer. This will make the odor worse as well as spread the cat pee smell to the dryer.