It is common to get sand on your skin while being at the beach. Sand can stick to your skin even as you get into your vehicle after the day. Sand in the car may not be the most pleasant thing, especially just after vacuuming. There are ways for you to get that sand off of your skin before you drag it into the car.

Things You Will Need

Baby powder, towel

Step 1

First, rinse your body off in the lake or ocean to get all of the sand off. Be sure to get everything including inside your swimsuit. Also, put your head under the water to get all of the sand out of your hair. Even if you were just running around in the sand, there will most likely be some sand that ended up in your hair.

Step 2

Put on sandals or shoes right after you rinse off. By doing this you will lessen the chance of getting sand on you from walking to the car. Even though there still will be some sand that will somehow manage to get on your toes and feet, you are at least getting the majority off.

Step 3

When you get to the car, parking lot, or anywhere else out of the sand pour baby powder on your hands and rub it onto your body. This will take all of the sand off of your skin and make your skin feeling soft and smooth again.

Step 4

After you have taken off the sand with baby powder, rub the baby powder off with a towel. This will not only get off the sand, but it will also take off the salt you may have on your body if you visited the ocean.

Step 5

Take a shower or bath when you get home. Although, baby powder is very helpful it will never get you as clean as taking a shower. Be sure to wash up with soap and water when you get home to avoid any irritation the sand or salt water has caused.


Tips & Warnings