Skinny guide

More protein and less fat. White meat, peanut butter and fish are just a few examples of foods that are high in protein but also low in fat. This is yet another way of tricking your body into getting full without taking in a lot of calories.

More water less but less soda. You should also replace water with soda as it will flush your organs and help you quench your thirst without taking in unnecessary calories by drinking soda. If you hate the taste of water, find your favorite flavored water instead.

Eat more soups and salads. The purpose of eating soups and salads is to trick your brain into thinking your full by filling your stomach. This will take your mind off food while you take in far fewer calories than a normal meal. If you don't like the taste of salad eat more soup or try to find a better dressing to put on your salad.

bananas in the morning. You may have heard of the "morning banana diet," which has grown in popularity due to the amazing results people are getting. Eating breakfast is extremely important to get your immune system stimulated without eating a ton of calories.

Eat less more often. Many people believe the false notion that by eating less it actually helps you lose weight. This is false for a number of reasons. One is because your body goes into storage mode when you skip meals or go too long without eating and begins storing every bit of fat you take in. Your immune system is the second reason. By eating snacks during the day and not skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner, you are actually stimulating your immune system and causing it to work continuously throughout the day.

Power walk. Many people either don't have time to exercise or are too lazy to work out. By power walking, you are moving all parts of your body and burning calories without working too hard. This way it's easier to burn calories because you don't dread doing all different exercises. You are keeping it simple and easy while burning a ton of calories. Just make sure you are moving your arms and legs when you power walk.