If you've ever shuttered in horror at the thought of administering that awful tasting medicine (or giant horse pills) to your little boy or girl take heart...there is hope! I would like to share  some tricks I have used to get my daughter to take medicine  without having to hold her down and force her little mouth open (which by the way I'm sorry to say I have attempted on more than one occasion).  Our daughter was so difficult when it came to taking medicine, that my wife and I would literally break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. We knew we couldn't face years of this terror, so we tried anything and everything we could think of to make our lives (and our little one's welfare) better. Here's a few of our most succesful tricks:

For Liquid Medicine...

  • Try mixing it (a little at a time in case it doesn't work) into his/hers favorite flavor of sherbet ice cream. We tried every kind of ice cream out there and ultimately found that the tart citrus bite of sherbet was best at masking even the most horrible elixirs any sadistic pharmaceutical maker could come up with. Each child is different, but this technic proved to be our "go to" when we were up against something truly horrible. As a side note: Take my advise; NEVER taste any of the really gross smelling stuff yourself in an attempt to convince you son or daughter that "it's really not THAT bad" because believe me, IT IS!!
  • Pickles! Yep I said pickles. IF your child likes the taste of dill pickles (very important, or it just makes the experience much worse), this is an excellent technic. Just have them bite a pickle right before you administer the spoonful of disgust and again right after and they'll hardly even taste the medicine. Who would of thunk it??
  • Have them hold their nose and chase it with orange juice.
  • Have them suck on an ice cube for about a minute before to deaden their taste buds. This works well in concert with any of the aforementioned technics too.

Horse pills...

  • Our number one ranked and only tip is to break up big tablets (not capsules) and push them down in to small gobs of peanut butter. Just don't use huge wads as they can easily choke. A little at a time is the trick. Works well on small pills  as well. Be sure to ask your pharmacist before breaking up the pills though.
  • Bribery works well.
  • Always use lots of praise when things go well and try not to get upset when things don't.
  • A positive attitude goes a long way towards success.

Good luck and remember, it will get easier as they get older!