My Guide To How to Get your arms and legs ready for spring break and the Summer to come!

Looking smooth

Things You Will Need

1.The first thing you will need is the Viss Home Beauty IPL hair removal machine Or go to your nearest clinic and check to see if they use IPL machines there.
Viss beauty product

Step 1

1. This is the perfect time to start the IPL treatments. Like growing a garden there is a time in the year that is JUST right for getting your "crops" or body hair in this case, ready for spring and summer. Why? well because this is what separates the "hot" and the "not" when it comes to the beach and summer loving! Nobody loves a porcupine on the beach! Ok so! if you didn't know about IPL here is a brief over view on why we need to start now with your hair. First off, it is not the same as Laser electrolysis, so there is no pain involved with these treatments. This also means that the hair follicles that we want to stop from producing hair has to take a bit more time to be " shocked" into stopping. Believe me it is worth the process! IPL uses a light that is filtered so that it get absorbed by the hair, and then the light Pulses ( the P in IPL) so that the skin has time to cool down as the hair retains the heat. This stops any kind or burn or scarring like you may have heard about when it comes to laser hair removal. So after this light is absorbed it is send down through the hair into the follicle. the follicle ( if the right time of the growth cycle) with thus drop the hair, and stop growing for he rest of the 12-18 months cycle. But if it is not treated in this "Anagen" part of the cycle, the hair will still fall out, but may come back as if you had waxed. So this is why we need to work on it during the end of the winter. So that during at least 3 treatments we can "hit" the hair during the growth stage (Anagen) and the hair will not grow back for at least 12 months.

Step 2

2. Like i stated before keep the treatments going! the IPL will make your hair disappear, but we really need to get the treatment to work it is intended, so multiple treatment is a must. This is how the IPL system works! Its safe and you can do it from the confort of your own home, and on all parts of your body! But just make sure that you treat the areas at least 3 times, over the next 3 months , so that when spring comes, you will be smooth all the way through summer and into next winter.

Step 3

3. Repeat! And the great thing about the Viss Beauty product that i use is that for 545$ is will last me all thought the year, and the light cartridges last for 4000 flashes! this makes it the best IPL for home use, and the most economical. So enjoy your spring and summer with confidence and go with the IPL treatments for your body hair! Smooth stubble free is how you want to be!

Tips & Warnings

Be wary of scam IPL machines, i have done my research and i suggest you do too! Also good to check this guide to see if IPL will work for your skin and hair tones ( ) Other than that, make sure to wear the glasses provided and have fun!