Millions of people around the World earn a full or part-time income on the online auction site, eBay. If you would like to join them, just follow the steps below to get started…

The vast majority of people using eBay for the first time will do so as a buyer so when it comes to selling there is a whole new set of rules and procedures to learn. But the good news is that it isn't hard.

The best way to get started, in my opinion, is to sell your own secondhand goods initially. Everyone has things around the house that they no longer use or need and pretty much everything will sell on eBay if the price is right.

The first thing you need to do is to register for an eBay account. That's easy to do and you just need to head over to and click the 'register' link at the top of the page. If your home country isn't the US, chances are you have a 'local' eBay site which you will be able to find via the links at the bottom of the eBay home page. You should also open a Paypal account at this point as this is how most eBay purchases are paid for. Just visit and click on the 'register' link. Paypal is available in most of the countries that eBay operates in (the company is owned by eBay).

Once you have your account, it is simply a case of filling in the 'Sell Your Item' form which again you can access from the eBay home page – at the top of the page there is a link which says 'sell'.

Be sure to write as full a description as possible, for example, 'Red Leather Boots Size 4 nearly new' is much better than 'Red Boots'. eBay give you plenty of room for a description so again, go to town – the more detail you put in the better and most importantly with secondhand goods, be sure to mention any defects or problems with the item you are selling. Do this however small you may think the fault/problem is – if your buyer thinks you have misled them they could dispute the transaction after they have paid or leave you negative feedback. You can find out more about feedback in my article 'How does the eBay Feedback System Work?'

You absolutely must add a photograph to your auction description and eBay allow you one free photo. There are ways of adding more photos for free but initially while you get used to using the site, I suggest using the eBay photo hosting service even if it does cost a few cents, purely because it is so easy.

After completing the 'sell your item' form, just click the 'complete' button to get your auction started. For the purposes of this article I have assumed that you are running an auction rather than a 'buy it now' listing. This means that people have a given time to bid on your item and of course, the highest bid wins.

Be sure to keep an eye on your emails during the course of your auction as it is perfectly possible that people will email you with questions. Replying to queries quickly always creates a good impression and will make people feel that you are a reliable person to deal with. This is especially important if you are a new seller on eBay with minimal feedback points.

At the end of the auction, assuming you have a winner, eBay will email you the details of the buyer and most likely they will pay via Paypal. Once you have received payment, ship the item to your winning bidder as soon as possible. If there are unforeseen delays, be sure to email your buyer and let them know so that you avoid the risk of negative feedback.

And that's it, you have just sold your first item on eBay!