20 rep sets make you hardcore.

Many people are under the false impression that getting strong requires slaving away for hours in the gym, dedicating your entire life to being a meathead. That impression is quite frankly false.

I am going to give the most obscenely concise program for getting strong that you will ever see in your entire life.

Equipment required:
-A sturdy barbell with enough weight to weigh twice as much as you do. The standard gym setup of a 45 lb olympic bar and olympic style weight plates is the way to go.
-Also get yourself a pair of dumbbell handles that hold olympic weight plates.
-Lastly, get yourself a good doorway pullup bar.

The program is built on a very, very, VERY simple but time tested premise that 99% of the modern fitness world has forgotten for some reason: more reps at submaximal weight = higher max lift.

For example, let's take the bench press. Let's say your max is 225 lbs. If that's the case, typically you should be able to do 10 reps of 170 if your max is 225. If over a few workouts you build up to be able to bench press 170 lbs for MORE than 10 reps, you will find that your max is now greater than 225 despite you never having handled anything heavier than 225 before.

What you want to do is hit one muscle group per day in a 7 day rotation. Think of something like this:
Monday: Deadlift
Tuesday: Shoulder Press
Wednesday: Pull Ups 
Thursday: Bench Press
Friday: Upright Row
Saturday: Curls
Sunday: "Skullcrushers" aka lying barbell tricep extensions

For each of these moves, your task is very simple: 

1. For each move, find your STARTING 10 rep max by experimentation.
2. When you work out, warm up and then do ONE SET for maximum reps with your 10 rep max. Don't go to failure, but get as many reps as you can, slow and controlled, decent form but without being anal about it.
3. Repeat for several weeks.

So now when you work out, you're warming up and just doing ONE SET for max reps for every movement. As a few weeks go by, you will find that you can get MORE reps with the same weight than you could when you started. That's excellent.

Now what you do is wait until you're getting between 15 and 20 reps with whatever weight you started with, then add 10 to 20 pounds and repeat.

All you're doing is taking advantage of the fact that getting strong requires you to build up more reps before you can add weight.

Congratulations, you are now getting swole and strong with 30 seconds per day of exercise.

Don't forget to take a multivitamin, cod liver oil and a healthy amount of protein. Happy lifting.