How to get stuff done

People sometimes lose focus and end up doing something completely different from they planned to do. I want to share with you a couple of my tips how to stay focused and get your stuff done as soon as possible.

Make a task list

For every day, make a task list of things that you want to make that day. Do not over stretch yourselves by setting unrealistic goals. All goals and tasks must be reachable during that day. IF you set your goals too hard or too easy, you will loose motivation soon.

To do list(54597)

Time yourselves

If you are doing some mundane task, that you really not enjoy doing (homework, writing essays, grading tests, etc.) set small very specific goals and time yourself. Do something like „I have to write this paragraph in 20 minutes“. It will keep you from just looking on the paper, checking email too often etc. It will make also fun, if you make a competition out of it and try to keep getting faster („I graded last paper in 10 minutes, lets see if I can do it in 9 min.“).


Bigger projects

If you are working on something big, like a book or a website, make a list of a specific sub-goals and set a deadline to each sub-goal. Our brain like a smaller tasks and it is easier to motivate yourself to do something small.

Do not work on multiple things at the same time

Work only at one thing at the time, otherwise you will end up going back and forth and from one project to another and not accomplish anything.


Yes, I am not mad or anything. Exercise is the key to accomplishing more. Regular physical activity will help you to have more energy throughout the day, get rid of stress, loose weight...etc. but most important of all – it will get you 2-3 hours of productive time every day.
Just look up some home fitness programs, work out every morning and see the results.


That was all I had to share. All these tips helped me out in accomplishing my goals, so I hope that you will find them useful as well.