making the most of your mobile music

quality sound on the move

In today’s gadget society we can take our music players everywhere with us. Whether it be an iphone, ipod or some other music player we can have our favourite tunes at our finger tips with very little effort. However are we doing our music  justice. Are we getting the best possible sound from our music players and iphones.



Our music player and iphones are always supplied with a pair of freebie headphones of some description. Even with a quality music player the headphones may be the weak link. That in mind to ensure you are making the most of your music I would recommend that the first thing to do is replace your freebie headphones.  It is best to go for a style that encloses your ears. These are typically more comfortable and offer better sound. 

 If you prefer light weight ear buds then you don’t have to compromise. Get yourself a home custom moulding kit, These fill your eats with a quick setting gel to create a bud which will fit you perfectly.  Sonomax`s eers PCS range may be a place to start.


Bit Rates.

 The higher the bit rate the better is the rule when it comes to music quality.  You will get the choice of bit rates when you download or rip music so make sure you pay good attention to the setting you are using.  As a rule of thumb its best to aim for 320Kbps but anything below 128Kbps and you will really notice the lack of quality.


As well as bit rate you may also want to consider file type, although with many music players you will not get the choice. Generally .OCG and .AAG are generally better than MP3 files.   If you want cd quality sound a FLAC format will be the best option. FLAC is a lossless format but you will need a player that’s compatible and plenty of space on it.



 If you absolutely have to have the best then an amplifier is for you.  The amp whilst making your music louder will also in fact improve the performance of your headphones and make them sound more expensive.  The bigger the headphones the better job the job the amp will do.  This is because they will require more power.  The amp will have its own power source so it another thing to keep charged but you will notice the difference. Be aware however that noise reducing headphones already have a built in amp so you may not notice a difference with an additional device.  My favourite device to use is a Fiio E6 which fits comfortably into you wallet or pocket.


 The real audiophiles out there will want to get hold of the best kit possible to get the best sound however if you get the best earphones  you can initally you are well on your way