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Achieving the perfect sunless tan is much harder than it looks. Think back to your first application and you'll know exactly what I mean! Whether your looking for a year-round glow, or a deep sultry tan, you'll want to take these at-home tips into consideration. 

Shave and Exfoliate

Before getting started, it's important to exfoliate really well in the shower. I prefer to do this, as well as shave my legs the day before I apply the tanner. If you apply the solution right after you shave, there's a good chance you will have small dark dots where your hair grows. Not sexy. 

Moisturize Dry Areas

If you have dry spots, rub a bit of lotion on those areas to help even the skin, which will give you an even color. This includes elbows, knees, ankles, hands and any other dry spots you might have. 

Use a Glove

Before you start, make sure you have a glove or mitt to apply the solution if you want to avoid having orange hands for a week. Apply the solution to the mitt, then rub into your skin. 

Apply Your Tan 

Start applying the tanner in circular motions starting from your legs working up. Remember, less is more! You can always do a second application. I don't like to specifically target the hands and feet, but rather use the bit of tanner left on the mitt and rub that in towards the end. I've tried just about every sunless tanner out there, and the one's I swear by are St. Tropez and Sun Labratories

Get Dressed 

Depending on what tanner you've used, you'll want to give it enough time to dry before dressing. Once some time has passed - I usually wait 10 minutes, put on something loose and dark, so it won't stain your clothing. I find this works best to do right before bed. That way I won't mess up my tan by washing my hands, getting caught in the rain, or sweating on a hot day. 

Shower and Moisturize 

After 8 hours, your tan should be good to go. You can leave it as is, or shower off the bronzer and funky tan smell you might have. Immediately after your shower, apply lotion to your entire body. This will extend the life of your tan quite a bit, especially if you moisturize daily. 

Do you have any Sunless Tanning tips to add?