Buying A Car For The Best Price

Getting The Best Price From The Car Dealer

Buying  a car is the second largest purchase many people will make in their lives, and should be an exciting experience. This is not the case  in most circumstances due to the amount of time it takes to research all of the features and pricing differences between makes and models.  

Whether planning to purchase a Honda Civic or a Lamborghini,  there are a lot of details often overlooked when buying a car from a sales rep  at a dealership.   Always keep in mind that the dealership will never do anything that will cost their company  money,  including paying fair market value for a trade in vehicle.  If you have a trade in towards the purchase of your new vehicle,  get a firm price from the sales rep and then offer the trade in.  This will ensure that you get the best price possible.

When dealing in person and negotiating, do not sign any paper work until you are presented with a firm price which includes all taxes and delivery charges.  Getting a firm price can be very difficult. There are a lot of tricks the sales rep may use including offering more options or trying to up sell after a firm price has been reached.  These  "up sells"  include paint protection and under coating which most dealerships charge anywhere from $200-$400 for.  Do not fall for this.  Services like these can be taken to a detailing shop after you leave the lot and in most cases, may cost less than half of what a dealership charges.  However, do take the time to get these services done to the car, they are well worth it.  A cars two worst enemies are the sun and rust.  Protection from the elements will have a large effect on the resale value as well as your overall enjoyment of the vehicle. You don't see too many people babying a rust bucket on wheels.

Anyone who has ever used a broker to negotiate a mortgage or an insurance policy is well aware that they are your best resource in getting the best price or rate possible.  The same is true when buying a car.  Brokers deal in volume and almost always get the best rate and terms.  They will either charge a percentage or a flat fee. $500 seems to be the standard across the board but the fee may vary between brokers.  Ultimately  brokers are the best way in my opinion, of handling a large purchase like this.  All the hassle of negotiating price and finance terms are taken on by the broker as well as delivery in most cases.  This gives the customer more time to worry about the important things like features, color and fuel economy. 

When you decide to make that big purchase, do not rush it.  Most auto dealers do not have a very friendly return policy, and will not just take the vehicle back because you decided you are not happy with it. The best thing to do once you have researched which makes and models interest you is to rent one.  Sometimes a test drive is not enough and a lot of the quirks of a vehicle will be revealed when you drive it for a few days.  Whether it's new or used,  buying a car is fun and should be an enjoyable experience.  Trade in that clunker you have sitting in your driveway, and take that new beauty for a hand wash, paint protection and rust proofing.  Follow these tips, take your time and let someone else worry about the details.