After working in the cell phone industry for over 7 years, I have seen it all. Now I am sharing my inside knowledge with the world on anything and everything cell phone related.

Things You Will Need

Average - Good Credit.

Step 1

Find The Phone You Want.

Never go into a store unsure of the phone you want to buy. Cell Phone sales people LOVE THIS. It's like stealing bamboo from a baby panda. They can easily see the confused and intimidated look in your eye and will persuade you into the phone they think will be the easiest sale or a phone that is giving them an extra spiff (bonus) that week to sell. Right now more times then not they will be trying to push a smart phone of some kind on you due to the high commissions they receive in data sales (they actually have a quota on this more times than not and can lose their job if they don't sell enough data packages).

Spend some time researching a phone you want before going into a store or ordering it online, this will allow you to find a phone that best fits you for your own reasons, not a sales person.

Step 2

Price Check.

It's always best to shop around when looking for your next cell phone. Many people just go online to their carriers website and accept the first price they find. If you do this 90% of the time you will always over pay. Many third party companies have specials and deals on various cell phones one to four times a month and it may be the cell phone you have your eye on.
Shockingly the direct retail stores such as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile don't always have the best prices on cell phones. Call or visit Costco, Walmart, Sams Club, Radio Shack, Mall Kiosks, Best Buy etc. for the phone you are looking for and write down prices. You could save up to $200 on your phone by doing this. If your looking for a smart phone, the IPhone or Droid X are your best bets.

Step 3

Always Ask for a Better Deal.

Once you find the store with the better price or package you want. It's not always best to take the first advertised price. There is always room for them to move down so they don't lose the sale to another store. Many times they will give you bill credits, free accessories, a low price on the phone(s) or both!
You will be surprised what a little haggling will get you in this world of wireless deceit.

Never pay more than $10-$15 for an accessory, you can buy them online for pennies and trust me no matter what they say they are ALL THE SAME. Who cares about a lifetime warranty how many times have you broke your car charger? you can buy three of them online for the price of one in the store. Don't be a sucker.
I hope after reading this you are a little wiser to the game. Please read my future cell phone related articles coming out in the future. Guide to getting the best reception, picking the right cell phone plan, the lies and truths behind the wireless world, iphone vs android, Saving money with a smart phone and many many more.

Tips & Warnings